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First off, Full Twist must apologise for the lack of fluid and regular updates over the last 2 weeks, as explained we are on vacation and should be home by now but Hurricane Irene has changed our plans… there’s a lot of worse places to be stranded than in America! Although limited internet access does not sit well with Full Twist!

Romanian Gymnastics

The Romanian Nationals took place this week. Ana Porgras grabbed her third title in a row, winning the AA title. She was closely followed by Amelia Racea and Raluca Haidu in second and third. Catalina Ponor returned to competition and finished first on vault, second on beam and third on floor. Sandra Izbasa, Diana Chelaru and Larisa Iordache did not compete due to injury. Amelia Racea has the highest score over the competition on bars, watch here or below

Catalina Ponor looks fantastic, really really great. Both Ponor and Porgras should kill on beam at Worlds for Romania!

Women’s All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Ana Porgras CS “FARUL” Constanta 5.0 13.975 6.2 14.200 6.5 15.825 5.6 14.650 58.650
2. Amelia Racea CNS “CETATE” Deva 5.8 14.375 6.0 14.650 6.1 15.050 5.5 14.450 58.525
3. Raluca Haidu CNS “CETATE” Deva 5.8 14.425 5.9 14.150 6.0 14.850 5.5 14.250 57.675
4. Diana Bulimar CS “DINAMO” Bucuresti 4.8 13.575 5.5 13.975 6.1 13.875 5.8 14.950 56.375
5. Daniela Andrei CSS Buzau 5.0 14.025 5.4 13.950 5.5 13.875 5.5 14.350 56.200
6. Gabriela Dragoi CSS Buzau 5.0 13.650 5.8 14.575 5.5 13.775 4.7 13.325 55.325
7. Diana Trenca CNS “CETATE” Deva 4.4 13.275 5.5 13.925 5.6 13.625 5.3 14.075 54.900
8. Maria Balea CNS “CETATE” Deva 4.6 13.300 4.5 12.050 6.0 14.775 5.3 13.925 54.050
9. Catalina Ponor CS “DINAMO” Bucuresti 5.3 14.525 0.0 0.000 6.4 15.775 5.6 14.625 44.925
10. Ancuta Ciuculete CSS Sibiu 0.0 0.000 0.0 0.000 0.0 0.000 0.0 0.000 0.000

Between The Olympics has a full list of all results and links to videos from Nationals or more information on all of the Romanian Gymnastics news, Gymnastics No Ceiling has a great synopsis here.

German Gymnastics

The German Worlds Teams were announced this last weekend. Big names such as Elizabeth Seitz, Kim Bui and Olympic veteran Oksana Chusovitina will feature on the women’s team with Philip Boy, Fabian Hambuchen and Marcel Nguyen. Going For Gold has the full low down here and points out that it’s only 39 days to Tokyo!!

The German Nationals took place to decide this, of course Philip Boy and Elizabeth Seitz came out on top winning the AA titles, with Seitz debuting a full twisting shaposhnikova (some may call it a full twisting maroney). Five time Olympian and veteran gymnast Oksana Chusovitina won the vault title and silver on beam. Kim Bui won the silver medal in the AA and a bronze on floor. She finished fourth in the bars, beam and vault finals. New senior  gymnast Nadine Jarosch won silver on floor and bronze on vault, beam and AA. Phillip Boy won gold on floor and pommel, silver on high bar and 5th on p bars. Newly returned from injury Fabian Hambuchen won gold on high bar and bronze on rings.

International Gymnast has the full details here. GymNiceTic also wrote a post for The Couch Gymnast on the German Nationals here.

Chinese Gymnastics

On August 27th, the Chinese WAG national team held an internal test competition. 14 national team members participated, and all competed in 4 apparatus except He Kexin who passed on beam. John from the Chinese Gymnastics blog has details on this. New seniors Yao Jinnan and Tan Sixin have continued to do well, finishing first and second AA respectively. Huang Qiushuang, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyan and Wu Liufang also competed.

Canadian Gymnastics

Announces it’s team for Worlds:

Dominique Pegg
Talia Chiarelli
Kristina Vaculik
Peng Peng Lee
Mikaela Gerber
Coralie Leblond-Chartrand
Madeline Gardner

via Going For Gold


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