The FIG calls for Gymnasts input for Code of Points


By now, most of you will have heard yesterdays announcement that the FIG are looking for gymnasts help in revising the current Code of Points.


Gymnasts input for Code of Points.

Lausanne (SUI)/ FIG Office, June 06, 2011: FIG is organising a symposium for WAG, MAG and TRA aiming for future development in Code of Points in these disciplines starting June 17th. Now is the time for you as an athlete affected by the Code to express your feelings and ideas for next four year cycle regarding Code in these disciplines.

Please send me your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback, critic, feelings or any ideas you might have about Code of Points in these disciplines and its future development before 15th of June. The e-mail address is:

I will present your ideas and feedback during the Symposium and believe me when I tell you that gymnasts’ opinions will be highly appreciated when decisions are done!

Kind Regards,

Jani Tanskanen, President of FIG Athletes Commission

I think that this is a very positive step towards getting the code making sense to all in gymnastics. It’s important that gymnasts have their say and contact Jani with their feedback.  I do hope that the FIG also seek feedback and opinions from coaches also. The current code has had many criticisms, even from it’s FIG President Bruno Grandi. I would like to see the introduction of more artistry, in WAG especially. Sometimes I feel floor routines have lost their “wow – factor” that captivated huge audiences over the years.

Coincidentally, Gymnastics Bloggers from around the world discussed changing the code over on the Gymnastics Examiner. Many have different views and opinions, from the return of the Perfect 10, to increasing time limits, to elimination of compulsories and to artistry. Read it here on Gymnastics Examiner. Here is just a small amount of how Full Twist feels about the code.

I’m particularly concerned about the amount of injuries that have been occuring of late, I’ve lost count now how many Achilles tendon tears we’ve had so far this year and the amount of ACL tears is creeping up so I do feel that this has something to do with the code – the need to have the bigger moves and higher start values to win. If we want the top gymnasts to continue in the sport then their safety is a major concern, the code should be looked at in this way. I think the Men’s code is ok, it’s more so the women’s that needs to be looked at.

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