Take a break: WAG Gymnastics Quiz


Anna Rose took a break from interviewing some great gymnasts to do something different for Full Twist. For those of you who have already begun the wind down for Christmas, here is a  WAG quiz to  pass the time while drinking a warm cup of tea or mulled wine! Scroll down to view the answers (no cheating!)

  1. Who won the World all-around title in 1981?
  2. The “Mo Salto” is named after which gymnast?
  3. Who won the 1952 Olympic all-around title?
  4. Who was the walk-on coach for the Soviet women’s Olympic team in 1976?
  5. Who won the 2012 Russian Cup all-around title?
  6. Who won the silver medal on balance beam at the 2006 World Championships?
  7. Who won the 2008 American Cup?
  8. Who was the first woman to compete a double-twisting double layout on floor exercise?
  9. What was Svetlana Khorkina’s uneven bars dismount at the 2004 Olympic Games?
  10. Who qualified in fourth place on balance beam at the 2008 Olympic Games?
  11. Who won the 2000 U.S. Olympic Trials?
  12. What is Shawn Johnson’s birthday?
  13. Who were the six members of the 2000 U.S. Olympic team?
  14. Who won the 1978 World floor exercise gold?
  15. What is the name of the floor music that WOGA teammates Nastia Liukin, Rebecca Bross, and Katelyn Ohashi have all performed to?
  16. Who won the uneven bars title at the 2007 World Championships?
  17. In what city was the 1966 World Championships held?
  18. Who won the 2002 World balance beam gold?
  19. Which gymnast did Mary Lou Retton edge out for gold in the 1984 Olympic all-around?
  20. Who was the first American gymnast to win World gold?
  21. Who won the vault title at the 1988 Olympic Games?
  22. What is the name of Jordyn Wieber’s most recent floor music?
  23. Who tied for the 1985 World all-around gold?
  24. Who won the 1990 U.S. all-around title?
  25. Who won the 1996 AA title at the European Championships?










1. Olga Bicherova, 2.     Mo Huilan, 3.     Maria Gorokhovskaya, 4.     Polina Astakhova, 5.     Viktoria Komova, 6.     Sandra Izbasa, 7.     Nastia Liukin, 8.     MyKayla Skinner, 9.     Full-twisting double back, 10.   Alicia Sacramone, 11.   Elise Ray, 12.   January 19th, 1992, 13.   Jamie Dantzcher, Elise Ray, Tasha Schwikert, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, and Kristen Maloney, 14.   Yelena Mukhina, 15.   Dark Eyes, 16.   Ksenia Semenova, 17.   Dortmund, Germany, 18.   Ashley Postell, 19.   Ekaterina Szabo, 20.   Marcia Frederick, 21.   Svetlana Bouginskaia, 22.   Wild Dances, 23.   Oksana Omelianchik and Yelena Shoushounova, 24.   Kim Zmeskal, 25.   Lilia Podkopayeva


  1. Malorie says:

    When did Katelyn use “Dark Eyes”?

  2. Anna Rose says:

    Katelyn performed to “Dark Eyes” at in 2010 and 2011.

  3. Malorie says:

    No, she used “Onegin’s Theme (Reprise)” by Magnus Fiennes from 2010 to 2012. It does sound a lot like “Dark Eyes”, though.

  4. Anna Rose says:

    Hi again! On Katelyn’s website, it says her music was “Dark Eyes” for two years: http://www.gym-style.com/katelyn/gym.htm

  5. Grace says:

    Great quiz! One correction– Elena Mukhina and Nellie Kim tied for gold in 1978 on floor.

  6. Anna Rose says:

    Thank you! Good catch.

  7. AJ says:

    The first woman to perform a laid out double-double would be…well Victoria Moors since the skill is named after her. But it’s impossible to track down who did it first really. Moors did it at a world championship so the FIG credited the skill to her..

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