Shawn Johnson serious about London 2012

According to Yahoo! News, Shawn Johnson is very serious about her training for London 2012. Shawn appears to be doing less promo work and concentrating more on her training to get in shape for the 2012 Games.

Johnson is coming up on the six-month mark after surgery, and with it the clearance to resume full activities. She’s been working on some gymnastics skills, but won’t push it if she feels any pain. The goal is to be doing the toughest tricks again by the end of the year, then to be ready for elite competition by the U.S. championships next August.

But the 18-year-old isn’t about to guarantee she’ll be in London. It just depends on how her body responds to training.

It’d be nice to see Shawn return but I’m not holding out until I actually see some sort of confirmation that she really is geared towards 2012. Coming back to training after a big injury or surgery isn’t easy for anyone, so best of luck to her and I hope it goes well!


  1. lala says:

    All I know is while Nastia was running around Hartford CT looking plump in person Shawn was at home training to get back into shape.

    One of these gymnasts is serious about training and one is to busy following camera’s around for attention.

  2. PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    Shawn needs to concentrate on nutrition and conditioning. Alicia is a perfect example of the benefits of slimness. She is trimmer now than when at Olys. Not anorexic. But definitely tighter. Shawn doesn’t need to run 12 miles a day. She needs to eat salad, and cut butter.

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