Shawn Johnson on her body


Since the USOC Olympic Media Summit at the start of the week there’s been a lot of talk about Shawn Johnson and remarks made regarding her weight. See here:

USA Today: Shawn Johnson sheds light on her weight

US: Shawn Johnson loses 25 pounds

In her newest ESPN Blog she has turned this around and made positive light of the situation, discussing how there is a need for better education on nutrition. It’s an open and honest read. She begins:

Four years ago, I was standing on an Olympic podium, wearing a gold medal, and still thinking to myself how I could have been better. It had nothing to do with my performance — it was all how I looked

Back then, I always felt like I could have been a few pounds lighter. But the irony is, when I look back at the pictures I look unhealthy and too thin

Read the full blog here.

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  1. christina says:

    I LOVE Shawn but she never looked unhealthy and too thin. She was NEVER fat but she was always all muscle and seemed strong. Out of all those girls in Beijin she was the last one sb would be worried of being too think and unhealthy

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