Shawn Johnson Interview

Shawn Johnson’s video game will be released in the USA on November 16th. She recently did an interview with USA Today Game Hunters about the game. We previously posted screen shots of the new game but a video is now available to watch .Read the full interview and view the video here.

What got you interested in a video game based on gymnastics?
(Developer Zoo Games) talked about this idea of a realistic gymnastics game. (Others) have done gymnastics games before, (but) they were kind of cartoonish and they didn’t focus on the athleticism of gymnastics. They kept telling me about the idea. As it started to expand I got really excited about it. I signed on, and it’s been so much fun since then.

What other features should we mention that the game has?
Gymnastics is so complex. There are so many aspects to it and this game does an amazing job of covering everything — from competing and getting trophies. You have your own trophy room and locker room where you can connect them. You have the details of picking out your own competition uniform. You can do the vault bar, beam and floor. The more you train, the more you progress, the (more) skills are unlocked that you can add into your routines. There is so much it keeps you going and keeps you interested. It gives you a little more insight into the gymnastics world with each step you make.

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