Salamunov Memorial Cup 2013


And so the European Championships fades into the past and we move to another competition, the Salamunov Memorial Cup in Slovenia. This is the 46th edition of the competition, taking place Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April.


The latest participants list dates back to April 15th. As we all know, many may have withdrawn since the European Championshps last weekend.

In terms of MAG we will be looking forward to seeing the following (to name a few): Tomislav Markovic (CRO), Courtney Tulloch, Frank Baines, Dominick Cunningham, Anthony Wise, Ashley Watson (GBR),Eleftherios Kosmidis, Eleftherios Pterounias (GRE), Andrew Smith (IRL), Dmitrijs Trefilovs (LAT), Roman Kulesza (POL), Rok lavora, Saso Bertoncelj (SLO), Alex Naddour, Paul Ruggeri (USA) and Pham Phuoc Hung (VIE).

The WAG competition boasts: Lisa Ecker (AUT), Ellie Black, Victoria Woo (CAN), Kristyna Palesova (CZE), Vasiliki Millousi (GRE), Dorina Boczogo (HUN), Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA), Teja Belak, Sasa Golob (SLO) and Thi Ha Thanh Phan (VIE).


Friday April 26th

  • 10am – 1pm Qualification – MAG Floor, Pommel Horse & Rings. WAG Vault & Bars
  • 5pm – 7.30pm Qualification – MAG Parallel Bars, Vault & High Bar. WAG Beam & Floor

Saturday April 27th

2pm – 4.30pm Event Finals

  • 2pm – 2.34pm MAG Floor
  •  2.34pm – 3.07pm WAG Vault
  • 3.07pm – 3.31pm MAG Pommel
  • 3.31pm – 4.04pm WAG Bars
  • 4.04pm – 4.29pm MAG Rings

Sunday April 28th

2pm – 4.45pm Event Finals

  • 2pm – 2.34pm MAG Vault
  • 2.34pm – 3.07pm WAG Beam
  • 3.07pm – 3.40pm MAG Parallel Bars
  • 3.40pm – 4.10pm WAG Floor
  • 4.12pm – 4.45pm MAG High Bar

Live Streaming

The official website indicates that live tv coverage will be shown – so keep an eye out on the Full Twist Facebook and Twitter pages for the live link.

Information available via the official website here.


  1. jonil says:

    The interview Bellu in Bucharest airport made ​​it clear that the Romanian squad will have to improve a lot and if you want a better result than in Moscow. Clearly haunted with the results of Giulia Steingruber and Jonna Adlerteg realized that there is not more naive team in gymnastics. The proof is now in Maribor next weekend when we will see new champions in both the male and the female, and of those who went up to the top of the podium in 2012 only silverware home Teja Belak (which will star the highlight event that is the duel with Dorina Boczogo the vault) and Mitja Petrovsek parallel bars will give the air of grace, defending their title. The eternal rival, Russia, goes well thank you, already sharpening their claws in Universiade in October and should come with full force.

  2. jonil says:

    Looking back last year, 19 gymnasts competed in the soil spaces and reached the final eight. Another device open, because only Sasa Golob, Valerija Grisane and Elisa Haemmerle will repeat the feat of being back in a final, between 27 gymnasts entered. It may be that the new sensation Canadian Elsabeth Black, get the gold. Or the squadron Vietcong surprise.
    Catch – Teja Belak and Dorina Boczogo can provide a duel unprecedented in Slovenian town – the apparatus is the favorite Hungarian and Belak has fared well in direct confrontation (see Doha and Moscow). Only the Portuguese Ana Felipa Martins will encore a final, but the dame is not pareo for the two blondes. 30 gymnasts will vie for a spot.
    Bars – Here Dorina has a chance to climb on the podium, because the only direct competitors, Elisa Haemmerle and Ana Felipa not make you shade. The blonde Berecsaba has reason to smile – just 20 gymnasts will give the air of grace on the device.
    Jump – The only fight big people – Slovenia X Hungary. Last year, just over three tenths separated Boczogo gold and still saw rival to win at home. Belak, of course, have to please fans, and a house that has become his favorite arena. Indeed, it was the machine that cut more gymnasts, Dorina and left a fifth in the final for the silver. One that can put water in the cold beer double yellow hair – Tjana Tkalcec, who won bronze and may want to trample this duel mode of the Old West.

  3. jonil says:

    And Canada gave the head with Elsabeth Black coming from an injury. The athlete achieved the feat of being in the final four, only one did not lead (bars). Noemi Makra, you will not have Dorina Boczogo at his side, managed a feat unprecedented – three finals.
    Jump – The only last year are Teja Belak (who will defend bi) and Valerija Grisane, who fell from fifth to seventh. Black will play the gold along with the surprise of Doha, Thi Pran, who stole the podium of Slovenian and Giulia Steingruber. South Africa, with its double Kirsten Beckett, third and Claudia Cummins in fifth surprised. Belak was fourth. Close the podium Tjasa Kysselef and Elisa Haemmerle.
    Bars – Black and Noemi Makra are in the finals – the Canadian was fourth, being the only apparatus that was not on the list. Surprisingly, the double czech Krystyna Palesova and Jana Sikulova made double with Haemmerle third, better placement of Austria here. Victoria Woo is also on the list. Makra is sixth, zebra Michelle Timm seventh German and Portuguese Ana Filipa Martins last. While Haemmerle climbed from seventh to third, Martins plummeted from fifth to eighth place.
    Catch – The two largest finalists are here together – Black first, Makra second – a feat for a newcomer. The one to the final encore is Martins, who was the seventh to third. Surprisingly, Belak almost missed out – a blunder made plummet third in 2012 to last place. Grandma Vasiliki Millousi fourth, fifth Sikulova, Ecker sixth and seventh Woo.
    Solo – Only Sasa Golob is reprising the end of 2012 – perhaps paint a podium. Reprises the same place – room. Black first, Martins surprising second, third Lisa Ecker, zebra Guatemalan Ana Porras fifth, Makra sixth, seventh and Grisane zebrissima Egyptian Farida Shokry last.

  4. jonil says:

    Not Teja Belak gave the championship in the vault. Ranked last, behind his compatriot Tjasa Kysselef. The only finalist in four devices, Elsabeth Black took gold with Zebra Afrikaans Kristen Beckett with silver and surprise Doha Thi Pran, the bronze – proof that gold last month was beginner’s luck.
    Already bars double czech republic – Krystina Palesova first and Jana Sikulova third with Noemi Makra second, foreseeing that without Boczogo the Hungarian goes well thank you. Black was fourth. The Canadian and Hungarians will compete directly for beam and floor tomorrow. Belak competes for beam.

  5. jonil says:

    Teja Belak leaves without medals Ljubljana saw the Canadian Black Elsabeth be crowned queen of the 46th Salamunov with three gold medals, jump, beam and floor. Only failed in bars, its weak point, won by Czech Krystina Palesova. The Hungarian Noemi Makra got the first and only gold for Hungary, soil and over a silver on beam. Lisa Ecker got the only medal for Austria, bronze on beam and Portuguese Ana Filipa Martins Portugal unheard of for a bronze in the soil.
    LJUBLJANA tours
    Elsabeth Black comes off as a new force for the World Cup in October;
    Noemi Makra, a hypothetical retirement Dorina Boczogo, will become the next bet Hungary to the Rio-2016;
    Krystina Palesova and Jana Sikulova only work with rivals vie with them, gold was a consequence of the Achilles heel of Black;
    Lisa Ecker achieved an unprecedented Austria bronze on beam, showing that evolved last year over here. Already Haemmerle walks to the inexorable decay.
    Kristen Backett an unprecedented leap to the silver in South Africa, other emerging rivals with weight also be out of the podium.
    Ana Filipa Martins also showed progress, giving an unprecedented bronze for Portugal in the soil. But heads up, did not have long breath.
    Bogeyman Doha, Thi Pran was the biggest disappointment of Ljubljana, with only a bronze in jumping (which stole the show by taking a favorite Giulia Steingruber podium in Qatar).
    Teja Belak did its role in Moscow collapsed this time at home (where the bi disputed the jump). But the question “evolution” is a Slovenian far above their teammates.

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