Russia names Olympic training squads


Following last weekends Russian Cup, Russia has named it’s Olympic training squads.


  • Denis Ablyazin
  • Aleksandr Balandin
  • David Belyavsky
  • Emin Garibov
  • Konstantin Pluzhnikov
  • Nikita Ignatyev
  • Sergey Khorokhordin
  • Igor Pakhomenko


  • Ksenia Afansyeva
  • Viktoria Komova
  • Aliya Mustafina
  • Anastasia Grishina
  • Tatiana Nabieva
  • Yulia Inshina
  • Maria Paeska
  • Anastasia Sidorova

I am sad to see that Anna Dementyeva did not make the cut. Anna Pavlova did not make the cut, although I didn’t expect her to. It’s hard to know whether Dementyeva, who only competed on 2 apparatus, is injured or is not the All Arounder that the coaches would like.


  1. Samantha says:

    The question is with these girls will they have enough depth to take gold from USA or romania???

  2. Admin says:

    Very true! I think USA have got it in the bag!

  3. aaronellis78 says:

    @ Samantha “No” they don’t have it. Russia has had too many injuries that have take place between 04 of their strongest gymnasts Mustafina (ACL) , Komova (Knees & Legs) , Nabieva (Back) & Afansyeva (Ankles or Back I can’t remember whcih but it’s why she wasn’t present at this years European Championship.) They will be fighting with China for 03rd. USA is too strong of a team, I think once they finish vault they’ll be in too far of a lead even for Romania to catch them. McKayla alone can post 16 + on vault. Which ever squad USA comes up with all their vaulters will be throwing Amanars. Vault is the highest scoring of the 04 events followed by UB.

  4. Ying says:

    I posted my anger about the WAG selection on another forum yesterday. Here I post them again.

    This list makes absolutely no sense at all!
    1. Dementyeva out. She had a tough meet this time, but still wound up with 4th on UB(only .1 behind Nabieva) and 3rd on BB with good scores! Her BB alone could help Russian team a lot and is Olympic TF worthy, especially when Komova and Grishina is not very reliable on this event. She proved she could hit beam when it counts most(2010, 2011 worlds).
    2. Sidorova in while Demy out. Sidorova did shine as a junior, but in 2012 she fell off beam in EVERY SINGLE beam routine she competed, fell or OOBed in most floor routines, and couldn’t vault DTY any more. She proves again and again her total meltdown and unworthy of the team.
    3. Paseka in while Pavlova out. As a one-eventer Paseka only hit 1 Amanar out of 3, and fell on her DTY in EF. In the Euros and earlier Russian cup her DTY consistently scored low. As Sidorova she also proved she’s only a liability of the team. But if Alexandrov really wants vault specialist, why did he leave Pavlova out?! Pavlova took all national vault titles, is a potential Olympics vault medalist, still can offer beam, and placed 4th AA this time.
    4. Nabieva is in even though we all know her 2 events are pretty much useless for team. Insina is lucky to take 3rd aa thanks to others’ below par performance. I can see her fill the 5th team spot even though her gymnastics bored me to tears.

    Unless their own withdrawal due to injuries, there’s no way Dementyeva and Pavlova are left out while so many lesser girls are in. Otherwise only dirty politics can explain that.

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