Russia announce WAG Europeans Team


Ksenia Afanseyva is out and Maria Paseka is in. Russia has apparently announced their European’s team as:

  • Aliya Mustafina
  • Viktoria Komova
  • Anastasia Grishina
  • Anastasia Sidorova
  • Maria Paseka

The team consists of four new seniors lead by Aliya Mustafina. Interesting. Paseka is said to be training an Amanar… but will she have it for Europeans?  She was 2nd on Vault at the 2010 Junior Europeans and 5th on Floor and 7th on Vault at the 2011 Ghent Challenger Cup.  She ranked third in the All Around qualification at the 2010 Junior Europeans but due to the two per country rule, she could not compete. The end of 2010 and start of 2011 saw Paseka injured, suffering from problems with her feet but returned to competition in 2011, only beginning to train fully in the latter part of the year.  At the Russian Championships in March of this year, Paseka won bronze on Vault, beaten by Anna Pavlova and Anastasia Grishina.

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Image via Russian



  1. Aoibhe says:

    I never knew Grishina trains a second vault! What is it?

  2. sherajn says:

    No Ana Demy? 🙁 I really wanted to see her regain her title.

  3. gymguy says:

    I don’t expect this to be Russia’s Olympic Team. I think they chose these gymnasts for Euros as a “test” to see how they work together, and if Sidorova and Paseka can live up to the coach’s expectations.

    If Paseka does have a 2.5 yurchenko, then she will likely make the olympics.

    For the Olympic team I see:
    1. Mustafina
    2. Komova
    3. Grishina
    4. Afanseyva
    5. Dementeyva/Paseka/Belokobylskaya/Nabieva

    They NEED vaulters who do the Amanar. Without any Amanars, Russia will be needing other teams to fall if they want gold.

  4. Romin says:

    Why is Maria Paseka in this team? I love her artistry in her floor routine but if I’m not wrong she failed in the last two meets… Can anyone tell me if I’ve missed anything here? I thought it was going to be Ksenia.

  5. Ying says:

    I was really shocked that Demy was not in!! She has a great beam routine, good floor(with a fascinating smile), and a decent bars routine which can be used in team prelims. Paseka? I am sorry I don’t see her fit in the team ANYWHERE. Even Belo and Inshina are better. Her only value to the team is a rumored Amanar. She placed 3rd in the vault finals in Russian championships, even behind Grishina!!!! Who’s never known for vault. In the recent friendly meet, she sucked her floor, placed last on bars. A mediocre DTY is all she could offer. Is Alexandrov out of his mind?!

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