Rumoured: Sankova & Livchikova resume training


Last week The Couch Gymnast received reports from Alan Owen that the Ukrainian gymnasts were no longer training at their National Training Centre due to funding issues. Owen, who runs some of the gymnasts websites reported that the Ukranian Government was having issues with money and was no longer able to support the gymnasts.

Alan now reports on Krystina Sankova’s website that she and Mariya Livchikova have resumed training:

According to Krystina, Mariya and her are at Koncha Zaspa now and have resumed training! Unfortunately, it’s without any funding from the government. Also, the remainder of the team is sadly still at home waiting to learn the fate of the team.

Krystina and Masha are sharing a room together with their coach and have the help of their families to afford essentials. They are training to prepare for the upcoming WOGA competition. Let’s keep our hopes up that the Sports Ministry will begin funding the team again soon!

Fingers crossed that the gymnasts have resumed training and that they are not forced out of the sport due to these rumoured financial issues.

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  1. SiqiLin says:

    That really makes me sad. First they get overlooked and now there’s no more training possible? I’m shocked. Losing such great gymnasts because of sth like that.. ?!

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