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I found a new blog today (to me anyway) – Rewriting Russians Gymnastics. What a great time to discover a new Russian Gymnastics Blog!

On Mustafina:

Last night I saw a dominant Russian performance in the all around competition.   For many, many years I thought I would never see this again.  Brown-eyed Aliya Mustafina, only just turned 16 years of age, raised the flag for Russia.  And  if I sound uncharacteristically reticent in my description of this  amazing gymnast, it’s simply because I lack the words to describe her.  I find her beyond description.  She possesses astounding beauty, both personally and gymnastically.  She is as fierce as a tiger.  And there is a force to her being, an aura that is indescribable.

On the future of Russian Gymnastics:

So what direction will the Russians take? Will they provide some leadership in this respect? Will they train their gymnasts to wave their arms about in frilly and attractive kinds of ways (Porgras)? Coach them to perform with broad grins on their faces and to cheekily stamp their feet in time to the music? Whirl like a dervish, arms held wide, to give an impression of freedom (Jiang)? Find a gymnast with half decent range of movement and teach them to point their toes and do the splits (Larson)? No, that’s not what the Russians are doing.

Because it’s something more complex than that. You can’t confect it or write it into a Code. You can’t make someone artistic just because they’ve got nice toes, even if it does help a bit. It’s something you feel; a combination of personality, performance, aesthetics and choreography

Looking forward to more!

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