Results & Videos: 2014 Junior European Championships WAG AA

  1. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 57.107
  2. Laura Jurca (ROU) 55.698
  3. Ellie Downie (GBR)  55.332
  4. Catherine Lyons (GBR) 55.231
  5. Maike Enderle (GER) 54.498
  6.  Andreea Iridon (ROU) 53.933
  7. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) 53.932
  8. Loan His (FRA) 53.898
  9. Rune Hermans (BEL) 53.765
  10. Giada Grisetti (SUI) 53.383
  11. Anja Schwarz (SUI) 52.798
  12. Yana Horokhova (UKR) 52.466
  13. Marine Clemence Boyer (FRA) 52.299
  14. Tabea Alt (GER) 51.899
  15. Pilar Rubagotti (ITA) 51.799
  16. Wendy De Jong (NED) 51.732
  17. Sofia Busato (ITA) 50.931
  18. Emmy Haavisto (SWE) 50.665
  19. Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) 50.450
  20. Ellen Haavisto (SWE) 50.366
  21. Veronika Cenkova (CZE) 49.965
  22. Casey Bell (IRL) 49.906
  23. Boglarka Devai (HUN) 49.899
  24. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 49.632


Videos available to watch here. Full results available here.


  1. xexeo says:

    Romania wins the championship by the European teams, beating England’s three years climbed the podium and not four as a team – when he won silver. The difference was minina between three teams – and Russia was once more on the way, with the bronze. With this result, Romania becomes the biggest winner with seven titles won against three of Russia (four years ago sees no gold) and the only title in Italy ten years ago.
    Larissa Iordache climbed five places to 21th position to 16th, just with that gold medal and winning a second tomorrow, regardless of other results, will make history and enters the top 10 of the event in ninth, tipping compatriot Daniela Silivas and leaving another countrywoman, Simona Amanar in tenth. Diana Bulimar out of 52 th place to 28 th, with the second career gold. Rebecca Downie jumps from 152 th to 107 th position and Hannah Whelan – the last to climb on the podium before today – the 160th to 114th position.
    The surprise was Germany, but far behind in fourth place. Italy was fifth, but the biggest disappointment was Switzerland, achieving a major sixth in the rankings came in last, with no tradition behind teams like Spain and Belgium.

  2. xexeo says:

    With two golds, Larissa Iordache becomes Queen Sofia and makes history by becoming the eighth biggest winner in the history of European Gymnastics Championships, taking compatriot Daniela Silivas the top 10 and leaving compatriot Simona Amanar tenth. Iordache now joins former teammates Sandra Izbasa and Catalina Ponor.
    VAULT – Giulia Steingruber favorite though, was all the time with the nerves to the skin and only relaxed when Kim Bui not had a real chance to threaten the gold. Another favorite, Janine Berger, was fifth. The surprise was the first medal of Azerbaijan with Anna Pavlova in silver – which she officially becomes the fastest hit the crossbar with five silver. A feat in an age in which the gymnasts her age (27 years) now retired. And Larissa Iordache first bronze career.
    BARS – Rebecca Downie was already crying with emotion when finishing their display in bars, when he left the result – repeated the feat sister Ellie who won gold in the junior vault. The disappointment was Aliya Mustafina see the dream of bichampion go with the silver and teammate Daria Spiridonova the bronze.
    BEAM – Traditional Romanian feud Kharenkova Maria was unimpressed with Larissa Iordache and took the gold, leaving the Romanian with silver. Aliya Mustafina won bronze and dissonant Giulia Steingruber was falling and staying at last.
    FLOOR – Here Larissa Iordache made ​​history and marked his name in the history of Europe. Biggest surprise was Vanessa Ferrari, ending the fasting italy – who three years ago won bronze for teams with the same Ferrari – and a fast break for the Italian herself, who five years ago went up on the podium for the last time just at the floor and seven years ago returned via the color of gold. Giulia Steingruber closed the podium with bronze.

  3. xexeo says:

    Excursus SOFIA
    GOOD SURPRISES – Larissa Iordache can make a difference in the World, along with Diana Bulimar. Will make history again? Anna Pavlova prove that it is not competing for racing – and it could be a scatter-shot at the World. British team rising from the ashes. The Downie sisters proving that the future will take work. Another veteran, Vanessa Ferrari (24 years) also proves that you can make a difference in the world.
    I ALREADY KNOW – Giulia Steingruber becomes the best gymnast of the European and Swiss can turn three-time champion – a feat that will put in the path of major European gymnasts of all time. However, the Swiss team will continue to rely solely on his star. Until when?
    Disappointments – The Russian team taking gold Kharenkova Mary, had an unlit Aliya Mustafina and action must reimagine its future if you want to climb on top of the podium in Nanning. German team missing in action, including Janine Berger, gold in Cottbus. Hungarian team is gone, and once again Dorina Boczogo walks to the inexorable decay, while Noemi Makra only be a gymnast B. The other teams made ​​the most of it, leaving the best gymnasts at home and doing the traditional beans and rice.
    FOR THE YEAR IS COMING – Marta Pihan-Kulecza was on the verge of making history next to end the fast of the largest European – 53 years since the bronze on beam Natalia Kot. Jonna Adlerteg coming from a Swedish championship came within a whisker of returning to try the silver and keep doing gymnastics in the history of his country.

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