Results NED V ESP V BEL Friendly


Another World Championships friendly warm up competition was held this weekend.The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium competed together in the eastern Dutch city of Almelo. The Dutch seemed to have the home advantage, stopping Spain’s recent winning streak by beating them to first place in the team competition by over 4 marks. Both teams have been looking good of late and have really stepped their game up in the last couple of months, both will be hoping to qualify in the  top 8 in Tokyo.

  1. Netherlands 221.35
  2. Spain 217.30

The gymnasts competing were as follows:

Netherlands: Yvette Moshage, Celine Van Gerner, Lieke Wevers, Joy Goedkoop, Marlies Rijken & Wyomi Masela
Spain: Ainhoa Carmona, Ana María Izurieta, Paula Vargas, Claudia Menéndez, Beatriz Cuesta & Silvia Colussi
Belgium: Aagje Vanwalleghem, Lin Versonen, Julie Croket, Lisa Verschueren, Eline Vandersteen & Antje Vandevelde

In the individual competition, the Netherlands Celine Van Gerner came out on top scoring 56.150

  1. Celine Van Gerner NED – 56.150
  2. Marlies Rijken NED – 55.750
  3. Ana María Izurieta ESP – 55.100
  4. Joy Goedkoop NED – 54.850
  5. Paula Vargas ESP – 54.500
  6. Beatriz Cuesta ESP – 53.200
  7. Claudia Menéndez ESP – 53.050
  8. Wyomi Masela NED – 53.000
  9. Aagje Vanwalleghem BEL – 50.75
  10. Wyomi Masela NED – 40.75

There’s also a HUGE amount of videos from this competition for you to enjoy!

Julie Croket (BEL) FX

Lieke Wevers (NED) BB

Cintia Rodriquez (ESP) FX

Celine Van Gerner (NED) BB

Cintia Rodriquez (ESP) BB

Yvette Moshage (NED) FX

Lin Versonnen (BEL) BB

Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) BB

Celine Van Gerner (NED) FX

Wyomi Masela (NED) FX

Marlies Rijken (NED) FX

Eline Vandersteen (BEL) FX

Eline Vandersteen (BEL) BB

Julie Croket (BEL) BB

Lisa Verschueren (BEL) BB

Antje Vandevelde (BEL) FX

Claudia Menendez (ESP) UB

Marlies Rijken (NED) VT

Celine Van Gerner (NED) VT

Joy Goedkoop (NED) VT

Sylvia Colussi-Pelaez (ESP) UB

Wyomi Masela (NED) VT

Lisa Verschueren (BEL) FX

Beatriz Cuesta (ESP) UB

Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) FX

Cintia Rodriquez (ESP) UB

Silvia Colussi-Pelaez (ESP) BB

Antje Vandevelde (BEL) VT

Marlies Rijken (NED) UB

Yvette Moshage (NED) BB

Eline Vandersteen (BEL) UB

Wyomi Masela (NED) BB

Beatriz Cuesta (ESP) FX

Marlies Rijken (NED) BB

Ana Maria Izurieta (ESP) FX

Joy Goedkoop (NED) BB

Paula Vargas (ESP) FX

Ainhoa Carmona (ESP) FX

Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) UB

Eline Vandersteen (BEL) VT

Paula Vargas (ESP) BB

Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) VT

Ainhoa Carmona (ESP) BB

Joy Goedkoop (NED) UB

Beatriz Cuesta (ESP) BB

Celine Van Gerner (NED) UB

Ana Maria Izurieta (ESP) BB

Claudia Menendez (ESP) BB

Silvia Colussi-Pelaez (ESP) FX

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