Results: EYOF Day 2


Today was the beginning of the girls competitions. Headlining today’s events was Romania’s Larissa Iordache, the firm favourite to take the All Around title. The girls team final, All Around qualification and Apparatus qualification. Among those competing were:

  • Olivia Jochum,    Elena Metzler , Marlies Mannersdorfer – Austria
  • Terry Grandr’y, Ellen Rabout, Johanna Dujardin – Belgium
  • Sarah El – Dabagh, Juhl Jorgensen, Fani Toth – Denmark
  • Maijia Leinonen, Miina Kokkonen, Julia Darlington – Finland
  • Manon Cormoreche, Doriane Thobie, Anne Kuhm – France
  • Cagla Okyol, Janine Berger, Sophie Schede – Germany
  • Abi Caig, Gabrielle Jupp, Angel Romaeo – Great Britain
  • Maria Simos, Evangelia Plyta, Myropi Christofilaki – Greece
  • Freyja Húnfjörð Jósepsdóttir, Hildur Olafsdottir, Porey Kristinsdottir – Iceland  
  • Sarah Strawbridge, India McPeak – Ireland  
  • Erika Fasana, Francesca De Agosti, Elisa Meneghini – Italy
  • Lisa Top, Elise Bats, Chanshya Netteb – Netherlands
  • Filipa Martins – Portugal
  • Larisa Iordache, Maria Balaea, Gheorgiana Gheorge – Romania
  • Kristina Sidorovha, Anna Rodionova, Yevginia Shelgunogva – Russia
  • Julia Rumbutis, Ida Rothe, Nicole Wanstrom – Sweden
  • Laura Schulte, Sara Metzger, Caterina Barloggio – Switzerland  
Things ran a little more smoothly than yesterday competition where there were three power cuts, which resulted in the competition running an hour behind schedule. One of Russia’s other hot favourites Shelgunogva had a bad fall on beam, misplacing her foot during a a flic and landing on her face. She appeared ok.
In the team competition, Italy came out top, followed by Romania and Germany. Unfortunately the British girls did not follow in the footsteps of their male counterparts who yesterday won the silver team medal. Jupp, Caig and Romaeo finished in 7th place.
  1. Italy 110.95
  2. Romania 110.55
  3. Germany 107.40
  4. Russia 106.40
  5. France 106.35
  6. Belgium 104.20
  7. Great Britain 104.05
  8. Ukraine 103.65
  9. Netherlands 103.05
  10. Hungary 102.10

AA Qualification results proved what most were anticipated, Larissa Iordache coming first, a good margin ahead of the rest of the competitors.

Larissa Iordache’s routines were quickly uploaded online by Fan Gymnastics
In the Apparatus Qualifications, the following will go through:
  1. Erika Fasana
  2. Janine Berger
  3. Larissa Iordache
  4. Yevgenia Shulgunova
  5. Dorina Jelencsics
  6. Abigail Caig
  7. Elisa Meneghini
  8. Ellen Rabut
  1. Sophie Scheder
  2. Elisa Meneghini
  3. Erika Fasana
  4. Larissa Iordache
  5. Noemi Makra
  6. Daryna Lyulytska
  7. Doriane Thobie
  8. Anne Kuhm
  1. Larissa Iordache
  2. Francesca De Agnostini
  3. Anne Kuhm
  4. Elisa Meneghini
  5. Georgina Gheorghe
  6. Anna Rodionova
  7. Cagla Akyol
  8. Gabrielle Jupp
  1. Larissa Iordache
  2. Anna Rodionova
  3. Khrystyna Sankova
  4. Elisa Meneghini
  5. Yevgenia Shulgunova
  6. Erika Fasana
  7. Maria Balea
  8. Terry Grandr’y
Tomorrow is the boy’s and girl’s AA final. With the event finals taking place on Friday.

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