Results: CoverGirl Classic 2011


So the evening / early morning started off with a major glitch. It turns out that the Universal Sport live feed wasn’t actually available for anyone outside the USA. Many fans were left disappointed. Luckily I posted some information on our Full Twist Facebook which helped out a lot of gym fans outside America by allowing them to watch the live feed. The information and link is on the Facebook page if you would like it for future reference. Thank you to all for your comments and tweets of thanks, very glad to help and hope you enjoyed the competition.

Shawn Johnson came back to competition with two falls this evening, one on her dismount on bars and the other on beam. She spoke with Amanda Borden and Tim Dagget for the Universal Sports live feed, she seemed disappointed and admitted that she was very nervous.  Not a fan of Johnson’s leotard, too busy for me but I’m so glad to see her back despite that uncharacteristic fall on beam.Johnson said that Aly Raisman is a good competitor who “intimidates” her… don’t be intimidated Shawn! Between now and Visa’s Shawn has said that she will work on her confidence. I reckon that there are still good things to come. Afterwards she tweeted;

Hey so it wasn’t perfect… Uh oh!! I’m human 😉 haha get the mistakes and shakes out now… VISAs watch out!

Alicia Sacramone on beam, wow! So solid and so beautiful, she flows lovely on beam. She scored the highest execution score on beam today between both Juniors and Senior with 9.20, totalling 15.200 (6.0 D). Her new floor routine, wow, the music is magnificent, dramatic, unfortunately she stepped out of bounds three times. Large steps on landings but she has the big skills back. Delighted to see her back on floor, scoring 13.900. Looking a little slimmer but it looks good on her, she oozes confidence and always looks composed.Her first vault handspring front 1.5 twist had such height, amazing. It shows she well deserves that World Champion title. Sacramone was happy with her performance today and feels less pressure than a year ago when she was the veteran making a comeback.

Chellsie Memmel looked good, very good. Like Sacramone, she oozed veteran confidence. She performed an easy vault, a single yurchenko, slightly piked but nice stuck landing.Another beautiful routine on bars, as Tim Dagget said “Chellsie Memmel, you are back!”

Anna Li competed on bars. A little off on her first handstand but managed to save it, was looking great until she shot off the bar, she also missed the connection on her pak. The rest of the routine was beautiful. She has huge potential on bars, something that the USA team needs.

This was the first time that I’ve really had to look at the American girls up close. Gabrielle Douglas is beautiful, I’m looking forward to more from her. Mackzenie Wofford is tiny, a little powerhouse on floor! She’ll be eligible for the 2012 Olympics but not for World Championships in October, she really reminds me of Dominique Moceanu all those years ago. Aly Raismans vault and floor didn’t impress me, she doesn’t look quite polished enough for me. The legs in her amanar are quite reminiscent of those of Nabieva and Mustafina. In fairness, she struggled but she didn’t fall, she kept it on her feet.  Sabrina Vega lost it on bars but her floor was decent. Mackenzie Caquatto looked very nervous for bars but was all smiles after a clean enough routine.I only saw Jordan Wieber’s bars, lots of commotion going on in the background in the audience, must be distracting. Her bars were excellent, John Gedderts fist punch meant that he thought so too.She only competed 2 events tonight.

So we finish the evening with Aly Raisman as the AA Champion of the CoverGirl Classic 2011, Chelsie Memmel in 2nd, Sabrina Vega in 3rd and Mackenzie Wofford in 4th.


  1. Sacramone
  2.  Jay


  1. Wieber
  2. Douglas
  3. B. Caquatto
  4. M. Caquatto
  5. Wofford


  1. Wieber and Sacramone
  2. Raisman
  3. Wofford
  4. Memmel


  1. Raisman
  2. Vega
  3. Sacramone
  4. Memmel
  5. Maroney


1. Alexandra Raisman Brestyan’s 6.5 15.100 5.7 12.450 6.2 15.000 6.2 14.700 57.250
2. Chellsie Memmel M&M 5.0 14.200 5.6 14.400 6.1 14.700 5.3 13.650 56.950
3. Sabrina Vega Dynamic 5.8 14.600 5.7 13.500 6.1 14.500 5.7 14.250 56.850
4. McKenzie Wofford Zenith Elite 5.0 13.150 5.9 14.600 6.3 14.800 5.1 13.050 55.600
5. Sophia Lee WOGA 5.0 14.100 5.6 13.200 5.6 14.250 5.1 13.400 54.950
6. Bridgette Caquatto Legacy Elite 5.0 14.200 6.1 14.900 5.6 13.350 5.5 12.300 54.750
7. Jessica Howe WOGA 5.0 13.650 5.3 12.900 5.4 14.300 5.1 13.200 54.050
8. Casey Jo Magee Capital 5.0 13.650 4.7 13.200 5.9 14.200 4.8 12.100 53.150
9. Brandie Jay GK 5.8 13.800 6.0 14.200 5.2 13.150 5.1 11.650 52.800
10. Hallie Mossett West Coast 5.0 14.100 5.0 13.100 5.3 12.900 5.2 12.700 52.800 
Shawn Johnson didn’t meet the required score to qualify to Nationals in August so has had to petition to be allowed to compete, luckily the petition was granted.
Other things noted: Some gorgeous leotards, Sacramones, Memmels, Mackenzie Caquatto’s and a few not so gorgeous ones (Wofford). Ribbons seem to be the in thing, lots of ribbons in lots of hairs. I was delighted at the end to see A Sac, Johnson and Vega chatting after the competition ended. It’s going to be some hell of a year up until the Olympics. Marta will have some tough choices to make, so many strong gymnasts there this evening, a pity so many of them scratched some of their events and of course the with drawl of Bross, something that really concerns me.

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