Results: Arthur Gander Memorial 2012


The results are in from the first big competition post Olympic Games. The Arthur Gander Memorial was the firs tof two competitions taking place in Switzerland this weekend.

The rules of the competition were previously posted on Full Twist but let’s remind ourselves of them:

For the MAG participants, Rounds 1-4 will see all MAG gymnasts compete on a single apparatus each round, of which they choose. For the Women, Rounds  1-2 sees all Gymnasts take part, competing on a single apparatus each round, and as with the Men, the apparatus they compete on is their choice. Round 4 for the Men and Round 3 for the Women is the Finale round, and sees the top six gymnasts from the Qualification rounds (after the total of the apparatus scores have been worked out) compete on one final apparatus of their choosing. The Winner of the competition will be the MAG and WAG Gymnasts who have the highest All Around scores (calculated from the total of the scores from all 4 Rounds for the Men and 3 Rounds for the Women). 

Women’s Results:

Men’s Results:

Full breakdown of results can be viewed here. Should videos emerge, they will be posted.

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