Results: 2014 Senior European Championships WAG Team Final

  1. Romania 172.754
  2. Great Britain 170.663
  3. Russia 169.329
  4. Germany 166.796
  5. Italy  161.488
  6. Spain 160.921
  7. Belgium 160.728
  8. Switzerland 160.397

Full results available here.

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  1. xexeo says:

    If the senior, Russia was deleted at the junior was another story. Melkinova Angelina is the Queen Sofia with three gold medals – team, all-around, bars and silver on beam. The surprise was the English team, as oiled as a senior, and definite recognition Catherine Lyons and Ellie Downie. The disappointment was Romania, unlike the senior Iordache, could not deter the Russian phenomenon and stayed with silverware. Also going against the tide of the senior, the German team also collected medals.
    VAULT – Ellie Downie repeats the feat Sister Rebecca and got gold with Laura Jurca with the silver and the bronze Amy Tinkler. It is the Achilles heel of Melkinova therefore was fifth.
    BARS – Russian Tripe – Daria Skrypinik Melkinova with gold and with silver and the bronze Maike Anderle. Unlike her sister, this is the Achilles heel of Downie.
    BEAM – Third and last for Melkinova gold, silver Andreea Iridon – the best Romanian gymnast of the event – and bronze for Tabea Alt Although with an interesting routine, Catherine Lyons was fifth.
    FLOOR – With a visceral interpretation, Catherine Lyons took the gold with Amy Tinkler and Andreea Iridon with silver.
    Excursus SOFIA
    Russian team can give the cards in the future. However, where leftover boldness, lack charisma. English team in the future already has two strong all-arounders – Catherine Lyons and Ellie Downie. Romanian team still seeks a place in the sun, but suffers from the same problem of the Russian team, except for Laura Jurca. The German team on the way to the top of the podium, with honors can replace the current senior team, whose charm has long been over.

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