Results & Videos: 2014 Asian Games EF’s Day 1


Day one of the Event Finals kicked off at the Asian Games with WAG Vault and Bars and MAG Floor, Pommel and Still Rings. While the competition was lived streamed, we only caught WAG Bars.

**Note** the official Asian Games website stopped working just as we got to the MAG Floor results – we will update these in due course.

WAG Vault

There were no surprises for gold and silver with Korea’s Hong Un Jong taking gold and Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitina taking silver. Depending on how Dipa Karmakar’s handspring double front vault went, she was always in with a chance of a medal but Vietnam’s Phan Thi Ha Thanh pipped her to the post taking bronze.

  1. Hong Un Jong PRK 15.349
  2. Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.750
  3. Phan Thi Ha Thanh VIE 14.683
  4. Dipa Karmakar IND 14.200
  5. Ri Unha PRK 13.883
  6. Dilnoza Abdusalimova UZB 13.166
  7. Wong Hiu Ying Angel HKG 13.066
  8. Thi van Anh Do VIE 13.050


WAG Bars – watch the full broadcast here. 

The two top runners were always China’s Yao Jinnan and Huang Huidan who went forward from qualifying first and second respectively to placing first and second in the finals, however both scores were lower than those received in qualification.  Huang Huidan broke her form twice but was lucky not to count any falls which resulted in the lower score than in qualification. Hong UnJong scrapped bars. For whatever reason Kang Yongmi of PRK replaced team mate Kim Unhyang on Bars and took bronze.

  1. Yao Jinnan CHN 15.466
  2. Huang Huidan CHN 14.375
  3. Kang Yongmi PRK
  4. Yamamoto Yuriko JPN
  5. Honda Minami JPN
  6. Eum Dayeon KOR
  7. Yun Narae KOR
  8. Hong Unjong PRK 0.000

MAG Pommel Horse

  1. Yamamoto  Masayoshi JPN 15.033
  2. Abdulla Azimov UZB  14.866
  3. Park Minsoo KOR 14.700
  4. Shin Donghyen KOR 14.666
  5. Hasegawa Tomomasa JPN 14.233
  6. Rartchawat Kaewpanya THA 14.200
  7. Huang Yuguo CHN 14.033
  8. Saeed reza Keikha IRI 13.566

MAG Still Rings – watch the full broadcast here. 

  1. Liao Junlin CHN 15.566
  2.  Takeda Kazuyuki JPN 15.100
  3. Nam Dang VIE 15.033
  4. Saito Yusuke JPN 15.033
  5. Kim Jinhyok PRK 14.866
  6. Chen ChihYu TPE 14.833
  7. Yang Hak Seon KOR 14.700
  8. Hadi Khanari Nejad IRI 13.633

MAG Floor – watch partial broadcast here.  (the below are the results we have so far)

  1. Zou Kai CHN 15.533
  2. Huang Yuguo CHN 15.300
  3. Kamoto Yuya JPN 14.933

Image via Getty Images.

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