Reebok Easy Tone Trainers: Day 1

Last month, I was approached to try out Reeboks new “Easy Tone” trainers. The description from the Reebok Ireland site describes the shoes as:

Tailor-made for walking, with a slanted heel to propel your foot forward. Combine that with the latest technologies for comfort and muscle-toning benefits.

According to the website, Easytone uses;

Balance pods in the shoes to create natural instability, much like walking on a sandy beach, which encourage toning through increased muscle activation in 3 key areas of the leg

SmoothFit technology hides all seams for an irritation-free fit

Open-weave mesh provides breathable support, removable liner adds cushioning and accommodates orthotics, slanted heel enhances your walking stride

Synthetic and textile upper/textile lining/synthetic sole

My kit arrived earlier this week. I had forgotten what shoes I had chosen. It turns out that I chose the Easy Tone trend shoe. I’m really not loving the colour. The silver a makes them look a bit… 90’s and like space shoes, it’s a bit over powering. Ah well! It won’t stop me from trying them out.  The cool thing is that for an extra cost, you can customize your own shoe on the Reebok website. I’m quite particular about the colour and shape of my shoes so for anyone like me, that’s ideal as long as your bank balance can afford it.

I wore the shoes for 3 hours whilst at gymnastics coaching yesterday evening. I noticed a significant difference when I tried them on to how my normal shoes feel. I felt slightly higher off the ground and the shoes felt spongey. I found a noticeable difference in the feeling of the sole, it’s more curved than that of your normal shoe. You can find out more about the shoes in the video below:

They were comfortable to walk in, although one thing I didn’t like was the clumping sound they seemed to make on the gym floor. They were comfortable to stand in whilst coaching. I came home and was tired, my back and legs ached but they do from standing in the gym often anyway and from lugging equipment around. Also, I wasn’t wearing my orthotics as I’d forgotten to take them out of my normal trainers. I can’t say I felt the burning and aching like other testers wrote in their posts.

I hope to wear them a bit more since the evenings are getting brighter and go for a walk after work. The real test will be at gymnastics training at the weekend when I’ll have more classes and be standing and walking around and moving equipment for 6 hours!

You can read two reviews of the trainers on the Debenhams website and also on Stefanie Grace’s blog. If anyone has tried these shoes before or you are also trying them out and writing a review, please feel free to comment below!

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