Recommended: Romania to seek foreign Bars coach


… that’s according to the Romania press anyway.

2 outlets are reporting that an open letter from the President of the Romanian Olympic Committee calls for a review of the National Team coaching and technical staff and also proposes hiring foreign coaches to help assist with the training the gymnasts on Bars. The letter also calls out to seek who is responsible for an disastrous competition which saw no female Romanian gymnast advance to apparatus finals or the team qualify to the Team final. Funding will be provided to help find a solution.

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation has been given 10 days to respond.

Read more here and here.

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  1. Elena Moran says:

    Is there a Romanian equivalent for “the chickens has come home to roost”? Because that’s what this meet was. An accumulation of all of the problems the federation has ignored in the last 15-20 years. Counting on good beam/floor scores and hoping for other teams to screw up whilst throwing away any gymnast who dares get injured in favour of bringing some old champions out of the mothballs is a terrible long-term strategy, and it’s finally showed. (So is employing a couple of abusive media-whores to run the programme, but I’ve noticed a rather interesting cognitive dissonance about that little fact over the years.)
    The RGF should legit be sh**ing itself right now. Qualifying to Rio via the test event is not a given, and this meet showed how thin their margin for error is. Ideally, structural changes should be implemented. But, at the very least, Belu and Bitang shouldn’t be allowed within slapping distance of another gymnast ever again.

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