Recap: 2014 USAG Championships


Article by Anna Rose Johnson

The USA Gymnastics Championships were held from July 14-19, and showcased the nation’s top gymnasts in rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, and trampoline and tumbling.

As a fan of mainly artistic gymnastics, I enjoyed watching the other sports and taking note of their similarities and differences to artistic gymnastics. The reason I was able to watch fantastic athletes in these fabulous sports was because of USA Gymnastics’ amazing livestreams! Thank you, USAG! You will also find these archived in the USAG YouTube Playlists here.

My favorite of the sports featured at the Championships was rhythmic gymnastics, which shares the beauty of artistic gymnastics combined with amazing hand-eye coordination and balletic dexterity. I would like to congratulate the co-champions in the senior division, Rebecca Sereda and Jazzy Kerber! Third in 2012 and second in 2013, Kerber finally caught up to tie with 3-time national champion Sereda.

One of my very favorite performances of the Championships came from Nastasya Generalova in the junior division. One interesting aspect of rhythmic gymnastics I noted was that the junior gymnasts seemed to be the most charismatic performers, continuing a trend I’ve noticed in women’s artistic gymnastics as well. J Generalova’s hoop routine was fun, innovative, and extremely well-executed. She is definitely one to watch in the future!

 USAG CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDALISTS                                    

Junior Rhythmic AA Champion: Laura Zeng

Senior Rhythmic AA Champions: Rebecca Sereda and Jazzy Kerber

Senior Men’s Tumbling Champion: Austin Nacey

Junior Men’s Tumbling Champion: Garrett Day

Senior Women’s Double Mini Champion: Erin Jaunch

Junior Women’s Tumbling Champion: Rachel Thevenot

Senior Men’s Double-Mini Champion: Steward Pritchard

Junior Men’s Double-Mini Champion: Garrett Day

Senior Women’s Tumlbing Champion: Yuliya Stankevich-Brown

Junior Women’s Double-Mini Champion: Paige Howard


Image via USAG on Facebook


  1. Julie says:

    Erin is actually the double mini champ and Yuliya is the tumbling champ.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Julie, I’ll change that!

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