Price & Iordache withdraw from American Cup


USA Gymnastics has released an updated roster for this years American Cup. Unforunately the favourite to win, Elizabeth Price has withdrawn due to injury, Romania’s Larisa Iordache has also withdrawn. Canada’s Victoria Moors has been added to the line up and a replacement for Iordache will be named in due course.

The Women’s field now stands as follows:

  1. Victoria Moors
  2. Kyla Ross
  3. Vanessa Ferrari
  4. Koko Tsurumi
  5. Asuka Teramoto
  6. Elisabeth Seitz

The Men’s field stands as follows:

  1. Danell Leyva
  2. Jake Dalton
  3. Marcel Nguyen
  4. Kristian Thomas
  5. Sergio Sasaki of Brazil
  6. Oleg Verniaiev
  7. Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez
  8. Hiroki Ishikawa


  1. Alice says:

    Why did you said Price was the favourite to win? Why no Larisa Iordache?

  2. Alice says:

    I don`t think the articles shloud be based only on personal opinions. However, Larisa will prove she is best, I am sure of this.

  3. Admin says:

    Alice, this is a blog which covers my opinion on gymnastics and news.

  4. The Psychic says:

    An American is going to win the American Cup. It is as traditional as hotdogs and apple pie. In its 36-year history, only six foreign girls have won: four Russians, one Ukrainian, and one Romanian (Nadia Comaneci). If Mustafina could not break the cycle, Iordache wouldn’t have stood a chance. But all-around Ebbie was a shoe-in…

    Now, Kyla Ross is signing off on the design templates for her gold medal. 😉

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