Notes on the 2014 AT&T American Cup WAG Podium Training


Full Twist contributor Anna Rose Johnson took notes on the women’s podium training session for the AT&T American Cup.

 9:26 AM Central: Podium training begins! The eight women who will compete on Saturday are warming up. 

9:30: Vanessa Ferrari can hold her legs in front splits for ages! She’s incredibly flexible. Victoria Moors is practicing leaps.

9:34: The balance beam is being moved. That’s not something you see every day!

9:42: Victoria is on balance beam now. A flip-flop, layout with a little wobble. Nice switch ring leap. Side aerial, wolf turn 2 ½. Solid side somi.

9:46: Brenna and Elizabeth are doing portions of their beam routines on the floor mat. I love Brenna’s full-twisting back handspring.

9:47: Victoria just completed an over-rotated double tuck dismount off beam. Then she did a full-twisting double back, which is what she competed at Elita Canada. It had perfectly controlled rotation and a good landing, just a tiny hop.

9:50: The US women are moving to the balance beam. Brenna just did a flip-flop, layout, but I doubt it would be given full credit under the 2014 CoP. Beautiful split leap. Wobble on her full-twisting back handspring.

9:53: Elizabeth is on beam, just did a gorgeous split leap. Flip-flop. Standing back tuck. Standing full, slightly open hips. Flip-flop, layout, lots of amplitude. Split leap, Johnson leap nice. Second leap series. Side aerial, almost fell. Then she completed a near perfect one. Round-off, single tuck dismount.

9:55: Brenna tries her flip-flop, layout again, but she’s still too low in the chest. Gorgeous split leap, wonderful full-twisting back handspring. Side aerial, full turn, switch side leap. Straddle leap, split leap. Again, a round-off, single tuck dismount.

9:57: Elizabeth does a standing full, still with a slight wobble. Front layout, Johnson leap executed quite nicely. Full turn, small bobble. Flip-flop, layout, very nice. Split leap, switch side leap. (She’s not all the way into 180°splits on her switch side.) Another warm-up dismount.


9:59: Brenna does a punch front mount directly connected to a sissone. Flip-flop, layout—she still wobbled but this one’s much better. Split leap, full-twisting back handspring best of all. Full turn, not rushed this time. Switch side leap.

10:01: Elizabeth does a standing full, the best yet. Front layout, Johnson leap, fine connection. Full turn. Flip-flop, layout, fall. Split leap, switch side leap. Second leap series done with good amplitude, side aerial solid. Round-off, double pike, stuck!

10:02: Brenna just did a round-off, double tuck dismount.

10:04: Brenna does a punch front mount with a wobble and is unable to connect to the sissone. This flip-flop, layout is the best she’s done so far. Split leap, full-twisting back handspring, nearly perfect. Side aerial, flawless. Full turn, slightly rushed. Johnson leap. Straddle leap, split leap. Nice round-off, double tuck, step.

10:06: Elizabeth does a standing full, pretty good. Front layout, Johnson leap, the best she’s done. Flip-flop, layout. It had terrific amplitude but she almost fell again. Split leap, wobble, switch side leap. Side aerial, nice. Round-off, double tuck, big step back.

10:07: Giulia Steingruber has been practicing turns on the floor exercise mat. Looks like she’s trying a triple turn.

10:08: Brenna does an excellent mount + leap combination, then jumps off the beam. She tries again and gets tremendous amplitude on her mount combo. Johnson leap, near fall. Straddle leap, split leap. Like Elizabeth, she isn’t quite getting full 180° splits.  She tries the Johnson leap again and does it much better this time. Straddle + split again.

10:10: Elizabeth does a flip-flop, layout with a wobble. Tries again, flawless. Does it a third time, very nice. Beautiful split leap.

10:12: Sophie Scheder is doing a dance-thru on floor, and it looks great. Guilia is practicing her beam skills on the floor mat.

10:15: Elizabeth has trouble with the flip-flop, layout series but corrects it.

10:20: The US women are on floor now. Elizabeth just did a HUGE double tuck! Fantastic double pike.

10:24: Victoria’s on the beam now, looking fairly solid. Gorgeous wolf turn 2 ½. Brenna’s on floor and does a double front tuck + stag leap. I think I also saw her do a double-twisting front, which would be an upgrade!

10:26: Brenna does her double front tuck again, but it’s under-rotated. Victoria does a new Y turn on beam!

10 :29: Victoria does a flip-flop, layout and switch ring leap (both with wobbles). Front layout and nice split leap. She does another nice full-twisting double back, a little more under-rotated this time. Flip-flop, layout step-out. The Americans are doing floor leaps, nice work. Victoria does a GORGEOUS new combo of side aerial + side somi!

10:33: Elizabeth and Brenna are going through their floor choreography.

10:35: Sophie’s on beam now, and she does a front layout and wolf jump. Flip-flop, layout step-out, well done. Leap series, back pike. Straddle leap. She’s steady.

10:36: Vanessa Ferrari is on the uneven bars. Does a full pirouette and then jumps off. Tries the sequence again.

10:41: Carlotta does a few kips on the low bar. Roxana Popa is doing some nice work on the balance beam.

10:43: The Americans are doing vault timers now.

10:44: Elizabeth just did a double layout vault timer. Brenna does the same vault and rolls backward.

10:51: Elizabeth does the Amanar! Over-rotated and off to her right with a big bounding step. Brenna is still doing timers.

10:53: Elizabeth tries the Amanar again. This time, she’s off to her right again with a few steps, but she’s less bouncy this time.

10:55: Brenna does a DTY but had extra mats out.

10:57: Elizabeth does a terrific Amanar, with a small step forward. It was right in the center of the mat—perfect! Then Brenna does the Amanar, with a big step to her left off the side of the mat.

11:00: Brenna does the Amanar again, with a step sideways, but it’s better than last time. Pretty centered on this try.

11:02: Vanessa does a nice switch ring leap on balance beam. She does a single layout dismount. Carlotta does a wolf jump on beam.

11:04: Victoria’s floor routine: a pretty upright double-twisting double layout on floor, 1 ½ to triple, 2 ½ twist out of bounds, and a double tuck with spotting assistance from her coach Elvira Saadi. A very powerful exercise with nice leaps and dance to complement it. Nice job!

11:05: The Americans are on the uneven bars now. Brenna does a few kips on the low bar.

11:07: Carlotta just did a gorgeous double Memmel turn on floor!

11:10: Vanessa just finished a dance-thru of her floor routine. Her choreography is brilliant!

11: 11: Brenna just did a Tkatchev-half connected to a straddle back-half! It’s an amazing upgrade! Double layout dismount.

11:12: Elizabeth is doing her full bar routine, really solid! She upgrades to a full pirouette after her Maloney transition to high bar. Terrific.

11:13: Brenna does her upgraded sequence again.

11:15: Brenna does a piked Tkatchev, then a Tkatchev-half with a fall. But she’s okay. She quickly mounts the low bar and does a full pirouette.

11:16: Elizabeth works another full bar routine. She had to muscle the new full pirouette, but it was a solid routine.

11:18: Brenna tries her upgrade again! She does have leg separation in the air, but the combination is breathtaking.

11:21: Elizabeth mounts the high bar. Weiler kip, Maloney, jumps off.

11:28: The girls have been going back and forth, doing different pieces of their routines. Elizabeth seems to be having a little trouble with her upgrade. Brenna too, is not having the best time with her new combination. But overall, they look ready to compete! 

11:32: Podium training is finished! It was a great session. Good luck to all the girls on Saturday!

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