Nike taking a risk with Shawn Johnson?


There’s a great new article on the BBC Sport website as part of the World Olympic Dreams series on Shawn Johnson. It follows Shawn at the Nike HQ in Portland, Oregon. There is an accompanying video which I just love, it shows Shawn inside the Nike laboratory doing moves and covered in body movement receptors. She looks like she is in fantastic shape. We also get to see a short little clip of her on bars where she really shows that she hasn’t lost it!

The article is great, it discusses Shawns recent sponsorship deal with Nike and how that impacts on her comeback. It also points out that Nike are in fact taking a chance on endorsing her as it is still not known if she will in fact make it onto the USA team for London 2012. Branding expert Andy Milligan says:

“She is glamorous, she is wholesome, healthy, she has a real winner’s attitude … and there’s a story to follow about just going for it – which is exactly what Nike is about”

For some reason I’ve never become irritated about Shawns business woman ways as I have with Nastia Liukins. I’m glad that Shawn can do both, train for a comeback and still have her sponsorship deals. After all, she seems like a really great kid, very genuine and she deserves opportunities to further her life after gymnastics.

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