New Shawn Johnson Update


Shawn Johnson has finally updated her blog!

On life without gymnastics:

Don’t get me wrong, these past two years have been absolutely amazing and have given me the opportunity to experience so many wonderful things, but I’ve missed who I was with gymnastics. I missed being the “athlete” and having that drive and day-to-day goal of bettering myself and making myself stronger. Gymnastics made me feel invincible and proud of the person I was and I noticed I’d lost that.

On the Karolyi Camp:

WOW, was I a nervous wreck going into that one! It had been more than two years since I’d been there and I felt like a complete outsider. I wasn’t sure what to expect…if I was going to be up to par, where I would stand, or if I’d still be accepted and fit in!!  Hahaha, I guess I’m just a little worry wart because it was actually an amazing experience

On the future:

“I’m slowly working my way through skills and routines, piecing together what I, hopefully, will be competing in the next two years as I set my sights on 2012.”

“As the New Year approaches and I begin to set my sights on bigger dreams and goals, I encourage you to follow me on my journey”

Read it all here from Shawn herself on her blog.

I’m really delighted for her. She says that today she landed her first double layout on the hard floor for the first time which is a huge step for her considering her previous knee injury. Great to see some news from her, hopefully there’ll be more videos soon too!

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