New elements shown at 2013 Europeans

wag elements

The UEG have released the WTC’s Judging report from the 2013 European Championships. 3 new elements were shown. The three elements have been approved yet not all were performed in competition.

wag elements


View the report here. 


  1. Stanley says:

    I though Mustafina did a triple spin in Y split? Was it just me who saw that or it wasn’t really neither submitted nor recognized?

  2. Stanley says:

    Why wasn’t in the list then? Do you have any idea? I really love that skill. I think it’s cool

  3. Admin says:

    I don’t have any idea I’m afraid 🙁

  4. sporteverywhere says:

    Hi. I am the author of the video, but in the actual competition, she was not credited with the Triple Y, they downgraded it to a Memmel.

  5. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Aliya didn’t do a complete triple turn in the Y position. If you look at the video footage she begins her turn with her foot facing or turned out to the left, giving us a side view of her. When she attempts to complete the turn sequence she ends up facing the camera which means she did NOT do 3 x 360 turns or Pirouettes so therefore it is a double turn (Memmel) not a triple. In order to have it credited as a triple the artist has to compete 3 (360) turns not 2 ¾ turn. This rule is greatly used with the Amanar vault. Judges will down grade the Amanar to a DTY if a gymnast feet aren’t turned facing forward. Meaning the gymnasts did not complete the half turn.

  6. Chris says:

    What’s the difference between a Ferrari-leap and a switch leap 1/2 to ring?

    Isn’t it the same?

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