Nellie Kim on London 2012: “judges were bias”


In the latest WAG Technical Newsletter Nellie Kim gives us the stats on scoring, ages, medal distribution and representation at the London 2012. She also gives insight into judging. Whilst FIG President Bruno Grandi congratulated the Judges of the Rhythmic Gymnastics , Kim comments on the Artistic judges stating:

Few judges showed bias for a gymnast from their own country and/or against a gymnast in contention for a similar placement.
It was also obvious that some judges were “Bias” towards gymnasts from “friendly” countries. This fact will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the judges’ work.

The individual judges scores can be seen in the official scoring booklet. For the Women’s Team competition, the judging Panels can be located on page 161 and the Individual Judges apparatus scores begin with Floor on page 164. I hope that none of these bias tendencies were reflected in the medals and those who earned and deserved the medals did rightly so. Take a look at the scores and see what you think and post your thoughts below.




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  1. ShutUpNellieKim says:

    Says the women who ran down to the judges table to get Nastia Liukin credit for a missed connection in the AA. She needs to shut up

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