All you need to know: 2014 AT & T American Cup


The 2014 AT&T American Cup will take place on March 1st, 2014. This prestigious international competition follows the Nastia Liukin Cup on February 28th. Both events will be held at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, N.C.

****Please note**** This article was updated on 27/2/14 to represent the changes in the line up. All other information has remained the same. 


Men’s field
· Andrey Likhovitsky (BLR)
· Sergio Sasaki Junior (BRA)
· Fabian Hambuchen (GER)
· Sam Oldham (GBR)
· Daniel Purvis (GBR)
· Shogo Nonomura (JPN)
· Fabian Gonzalez (ESP)
· Sam Mikulak (USA)
· John Orozco (USA)

Great Britain’s Max Whitlock had been slated to compete, but unfortunately he had to withdraw on January 24th. He was replaced by Sam Oldham.

Women’s field

· Victoria Moors (CAN)
· Sophie Scheder (GER)
· Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)
· Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)
· Roxana Popa (ESP)
· Guilia Steingruber (SUI)
· Brenna Dowell (USA)
· Elizabeth Price (USA)

USA’s Kyla Ross was scheduled to compete, but she suffered a slight back injury and was replaced by Elizabeth Price. Fortunately, Kyla is doing well in her recovery, and she attended the January national team training camp. Watch this video from USA Gymnastics that shows her training at camp:

Nastia Liukin Cup Field

There are still some qualifying meets to be held before the roster will be complete, but here are the qualifiers that we know of so far:

· Bailey Ferrer
· Grace Glenn
· Rachel Baumann
· Reagan Campbell
· Wynter Childers
· Madison Dagen
· Makarri Doggette
· Nikole Addison
· Kaitlin DeGuzman
· Kyana George
· Rachel Lukacs
· Michaela Nelson
· Emma Brown
· Kari Lee
· Alexa Al-Hameed
· Briana Brown
· Stefanie Catour
· Lauren Ramirez
· Kennedi Edney
· McKenna Kelley
· Alyona Shchennikova
· Maddie Karr
· Olivia Trautman
· Kennedy Baker

Timing and Schedule

February 28th: Nastia Liukin Cup – 7.30pm -9 pm ET

March 1st: American Cup – 11:30 am-3 pm ET

TV Coverage & Online Streaming

The 2014 AT&T American Cup will be broadcast live on NBC on Saturday, March 1st from 1-3 pm ET. Additionally, there will be an NBC simulcast. The coverage will include commentary from Tim Daggett and Nastia Liukin.

USA Gymnastics is planning to provide a webstream of podium training, and will also broadcast the first 90 minutes of the American Cup (from 11:30 am-1 pm ET) on its website, here.

The fifth annual Nastia Liukin Cup, held on February 28th, will air on Universal Sports. A live webstream of the competition will also be available here.

What to Expect

Both fields are extraordinarily deep this year; they’re probably the most exciting that I’ve ever seen. Not only do we get 2013 World AA medalists Fabian Hambuchen (3rd in Antwerp) and Simone Biles (1st), but we also get to see the World Cup series battle continue between Larisa Iordache and Elizabeth Price. Elizabeth won Stuttgart and Larisa won Glasgow, so Greensboro should be tiebreaker of sorts! (Elizabeth and Larisa are not on the roster for the final leg of the series in Tokyo.)

This is the first year in which the American Cup is including wild card berths (as you can see from the nine-member lineups). As a result of this, there will not be any exhibition performances like we have seen in the past. The top eight finishers in the meet will receive prize money.

On a fun note, it will be interesting to see the leotard choices of U.S. gymnasts Simone and Elizabeth, as they will have their pick of national team leotards from Under Armour. I personally can’t wait to see the first of the 2014 line for our national team!

Many thanks to Leslie King, Vice President of Communications at USA Gymnastics, for her assistance with the facts and information included in this article.

Article by: Anna Rose Johnson



  1. Emanuel Fantaneanu says:

    And Larisa Iordache does not compete at the American Cup

  2. Emanuel Fantaneanu says:

    Larisa Iordache – does not compete at American Cup and Tokyo Cup

  3. Admin says:

    Thank you Emanuel. Do you have a confirmation of this that you can provide? There is nothing on the Romanian Federations website.

  4. Anna Rose says:

    Just a quick correction on my post, the Nastia Liukin Cup actually begins at 7:30!

  5. Emanuel Fantaneanu says:

    I know, in the site is not posted anything about Larisa at the American Cup. Me being the Director of the site and the Press Director of the Federation and know this very well. Usually I give only a definite presence. Moreover, our Federation organisers sent them a notification withdrawing Larisa. Best…

  6. Suzanne says:

    Now neither iordace nor biles will compete. Brenna dowell replaces biles.
    It’s on the official competition website

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