Nastia not to return to gymnastics?

According to gossip website Hollywood Life, Nastia has “exclusively revealed” that she hasn’t yet made a decision on whether she will return to gymnastics. You can see the short article here.

According to the article Nastia wants to move on to bigger and better things since achieving such a big goal at a young age. She’d like to become more involved in TV and go to college to study something in that line. Of course, there was a plug for her new clothing line too. I never take these gossip sites too seriously. It tends to happen that one gossip site reports something (often false) and the other sites pick it up and add bits on. So I’m still holding on for a proper announcement from Nastia’s website, until then she’s still a training gymnast to me!

I’d love to see Nastia come back, she’s a beautiful gymnast. My gymnasts idolize her, although in 2 years time when the 2012 Olympics are over, they’ll idolize another gymnast if she doesn’t come back and win the Games. There’s been no updates on Nastia’s site since earlier this year which is such a pity. She seems to be using a more direct approach of social media by Tweeting, although I rarely see her communicate with her fans who adore her.

What do you think? Should Nastia come back or should she continue on making money from advertising, sponsorship etc?


  1. li says:

    It doesn’t say she is retiring. It says she will decide at a later time.

    I hope she goes away forever because she has become a different person since daddy bought her medal.

  2. Lou says:

    Why not give it one more try. Life’s too short and she’s not getting any young. She is going to miss competing at some point. Hopefully it’s not to late for her. I love watching her compete.

  3. Admin says:

    very true Lou, I agree. If she’s able for it, I’d love to her her try again.

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