Nastia Liukin…still unsure but making other decisions


USA Today published a new article on the comebacks of 2008 Olympians  Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. The article covers the usual for Shawn that she is training again and is still not sure how her knee will hold up but has vowed to move on from her injury.

“I’ve accepted the fact it’s never going to be 100%,” she said. “I can’t constantly worry about it. It would tear me down.”

Marta Karolyi is quoted as saying that Nastia is “still delaying” her decision and apparently might not decide whether or not to return to competition until next year. How late can Nastia leave it to decide that she will make a comeback?

The article also discusses Nastia’s other activities and goings on in her life, including being involved in the FIG’s decision on where to stage the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships.

In her role with the FIG, she is a liaison between athletes and the federation. She said she votes on the technical committee that helps establish rules.

This weekend she will head to California for a meeting where the FIG will discuss moving the world championships in the fall from Tokyo because of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on Japan. She plans to attend a conference in Seoul this summer.

Liukin also was named an athlete representative for USA Gymnastics and will help select its teams. If she returns to competitions, she will step away from that role, she said.

Her duties with USAG require her to attend national camps, and that’s when a desire to compete tugs at her.


Busy girl, but come on already!



  1. Kleon says:

    Thank God Nastia was “very serious” about a come back this year… (feel the sarcasm)
    Anyway, if she still wants a chance her deadline is Nationals

  2. coffeeyum says:

    I still believe she is secretly working on bars (requiring lots of manicures) and is wanting to be a bar specialist for 2012. She wants what she earned (minus the wacky tie breaker), a gold on bars. Good luck. I’d love to see her work bars again but I think her biggest issue even with that plan is confidence. It takes being back in big competitions to feel as fiercely confident as she did in 2008.
    And there is still another glitch if a gold on bars is in her plan. That is Tweddle and Kexin practicing everyday with the public’s knowledge of them aiming for the 2012 Olympics. Frankly, Tweddle has my vote. I adore Nastia’s gymnastics, love her ambition as a young woman and I hear she is incredibly kind & generous but I’m bored of the mystery. Actually I’ve just stopped rooting for her all together because if she has any intention of trying for 2012 I’d like to be supporting her now not when she surprises me.

  3. Dymphna says:

    There’s no way Marta will take a bars only gymnast on a five gymnast team.. Not with her history of breaking the gymnasts right before the competition starts. If Nastia wasn’t ready on beam or floor to stand in for an injured team mate where would that leave them. No I think this team will have to consist of 5 gymnasts with 3 great routines each at least.

  4. Admin says:

    I have to agree with Dymphna, I don’t think Marta would take just a bars specialist. I agree with you Coffeeyum, I’m sick of the “mystery”. I know die hard fans of Nastia will hang on and on and may eventually be let down with her not deciding to return. She sounds like a great business woman but it’s a little unfair to keep everyone waiting. I admire Shawn Johnson for holding back on releasing videos of her training, I definitely think that’s an excellent idea and I can’t wait to see Shawn competing again.

  5. coffeeyum says:

    True, true. I haven’t even considered the intense strategies this 5 person team will require. I was simply in the mind set of why is Nastia playing up the maybe talk. I can’t imagine her being ready for beam or floor without more consistent training.

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