Nabieva injured?


As reported, Tatiana Nabieva will not compete at this weekends Moscow Cup. An article has appeared online where Russian Coach Valentina Rodionenko is said to have explained that Nabieva is injured.

The translation from Russian to English by Google is the following:

Should establish itself as Nabiyev, which has earned the right to speak at the World Cup, but she also injured. Not as serious as Alia Mustafina, but we decided to keep her.

The idea of an injured Nabieva has been discussed on the International Gymnast forum with Amanda Turner reporting that Nabieva is dealing with some personal issues and is not injured.

Nabiyeva is still in St. Petersburg (I believe she went home after Europeans as scheduled and was training there). She does have some issues going on but no doubt the Russians will take measures to turn her situation around. They can’t afford to lose her this year!

So… what IS the deal with Nabieva??


  1. Kleon says:

    Heard both versions too, about the injury it’s believed that is an old back problem.

  2. Lori R. says:

    I love the last sentence of that translation out of context. :O)

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