My first leotard

I’ve begun doing “star charts” with my group again, whereby they have a list of moves on each piece that they are to work to achieve.  Some are long term and some are short term goals. For each move that they achieve by themselves and can continue performing, they earn a star. Stars are also earned for hard work and effort in class and also when for working hard at their flexibility and conditioning. We have agreed on the end of the summer when we take a months break to be the time when we will decide who has won. Whoever has gained the most stars for moves achieved and hard work will receive a prize.

So this afternoon I was thinking, what a good prize would be. For any young gymnast the best gymnastics related prize they could be given is a new leotard! I had a look on eBay to see what’s there before looking into Milano or The Zone etc and came across my very own first leotard. I first got this leotard 17 years ago when I started training! I thought I was so cool in it. I’m surprised it’s still available as I thought it would be considered not stylish!

Can you remember your own first leotard?


  1. giRafe says:

    yep, same style as yours but with flashing green and white lycra. The white line was as thick as the orange lines on yours but went diagonally through the chest. I think I had an elastic for the hair that was color matching with it. That must have been back in… 1994!
    Wow, memories…

  2. Admin says:

    Oh the style! I would imagine if I showed the little girls I coach now that they would laugh at me! Back in the day you were thought of as pretty cool if you got a velour Milano leotard! Hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Martin says:

    Yes I remeber my first leotard.
    It was a simple black leotard with long sleeves.
    It was a old leotard of my sister I got it to wear off for kid gymnastics.
    I loved that one piece very much and I was very sad when comming at school I had to wear the usual boy things.
    But later I “returned” to the leotards as sports-wear and nowadays I am wearing again leotards for a couple of sports.

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