Men’s Qualifiers Subdivision 1 – 5

I’m not seeing as much coverage online this morning for the MAG Qualifiers as there was for the WAG Qualifiers, as Ollie Williams said on Twitter, it’s Monday morning and there’s never as much interest in MAG as there is for WAG. Subdivision 1 – 5 has currently just finished and they are moving onto Subdivision 2 (Colombia, Japan, Spain, Romania, Finland, Denmark)

Reports from Gymnastics Coaching, Ollie Williams and The All Around are saying that two gymnasts have been stretchered off already – yes, in the first subdivision. Egypt’s Mohamed Srour, fell from bars and France’s Benoit Caranobe fell to his knees after a Tsukahara to dismount fall, he was stretchered out of the arena. Caranobe previously injured his calf, so gathering from what the reports are saying, it seems to be his calf again. Let’s hope there’s few or no injuries throughout the day. Rick posted yesterday that so far in 2 days of competition there have been 69 falls – wow!!

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