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Arabian Punch Front¬†did a fantastic job compiling a list of injured WAG this year, detailing injuries and when the injuries occurred. As we try to feature both MAG and WAG on this blog, we thought it would be only fair to attempt to do the same for MAG (with the encouragement from a Twitter follower or two ūüėČ ) Many thanks to MAG Blog The Liukin for the names of a lot of the gymnasts below. ¬†This information will be constantly updated until the end of the year.

Should we have left anyone out or the information below is incorrect, or if you have more information, leave a comment below.


Osvaldo Martinez

  • When: September 2014 following Pan Am Champs
  • Injury:
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Jayden Bull

  • When: June 2014 at a pre-Commonwealth Games training camp
  • Injury: Back injury –¬†diagnosed with two stress fractures on his L4 vertebra
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Luke Wiwatowski

  • When: May 2014, Australian National Championships
  • Injury: Partially ruptured plantar fascia of the foot
  • Returned to competition: has returned to training and has attended ¬†Worlds Team selection competitions.

Michael Mercieca

  • When: May / June 2014
  • Injury: Fractured foot
  • Returned to competition:¬†has returned to training and has attended ¬†Worlds Team selection competitions.

Mitchell Morgans

  • When: May ¬†/ June 2014
  • Injury: Stress fractures in leg
  • Returned to competition:¬†has returned to training and has attended ¬†Worlds Team selection competitions.



Petrix Barbosa



Arnaud Willig

  • When: September 2014
  • Injury: Shoulder injury
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Hamilton Sabot

  • When: September 2014
  • Injury: Ankle
  • Returned to competition: injury described as no serious but does not give him enough time to recover ahead of the W Ch’s


Marcel Nguyen

  • When: September 2014
  • Injury: Torn ACL
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Sebastian Krimmer

  • When: August 2014
  • Injury: Shoulder injury (cysts) and also tested positive for Lyme disease following a tick bite.
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Matthias Fahrig

  • When: June 2014
  • Injury: foot (translation sounds like torn plantar fascia)
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Great Britain

Sam Oldham

  • When: July 2014, Commonwealth Games MAG team final
  • Injury:¬†Dislocated ankle and two ligament ruptures. Underwent surgery in August
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Jay Thompson

  • When: September 2014
  • Injury: Dislocated elbow
  • Returned to competition: n/a



Chris O’Connor

  • When: Northern European Championships, September 2014
  • Injury: Suspected to have torn 3 of 4 ligaments in his knee.
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Matthew Cosgrave

  • When: September 2014
  • Injury: Broken ankle
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Matteo Morandi

  • When: began earlier this year and has not improved sufficiently with rehab
  • Injury: Knee
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Bart Beurloo

  • When: August 2014
  • Injury: Wrist
  • Returned to competition: n/a



Emin Garibov

  • When: ?
  • Injury: Shoulder
  • Returned to competition: n/a

Aleksandr Balandin

  • When: ?
  • Injury: Underwent surgery on a shoulder injury this summer
  • Returned to competition: n/a




(Thank you Ignacio for this information)

Fabian Gonzalez

Nestor Abad

  • When: Cottbus Cup 2013
  • Injury:¬†ACL – Knee surgery required
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Markku Vahtila

  • When: September 2014 in training at the World Championships
  • Injury: Shoulder
  • Returned to competition: n/a


Claudio Capelli

  • When: Ongoing issue since 2013 (but has competed in 2014)
  • Injury: Shoulder injury
  • Returned to competition: returned to training in June 2014 but ruled out for World Championships and the Swiss Championships earlier this month as he has been forced to take a break from training as the shoulder injury continues to plague him.



Vladimir Okachev

  • When: August / September 2014
  • Injury: Knee – meniscus and ACL damage
  • Returned to competition: n/a



Chris Brooks

  • When: ¬†early 2014 (wrist), recent 2014 (ankle), recent (hand)
  • Injury:¬†Wrist & Ankle, hand injury
  • Returned to competition:¬†Returned for the P&G Championships but withdrew


Steven Legendre

  • When: February 2014, Winter Cup & P&G Championships 2014 & August 2014
  • Injury: Torn pectoral muscle, initially ruling him out for 3 months. Surgery required to repair the injury. ¬†Torn abdominal muscle in August 2014 as well as a hernia, surgery was required this month.
  • Returned to competition: P & G Championships 2014 but withdrew due to a torn abdominal muscle.

Image: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Europe


  1. Papa Liukin says:

    Oh cool, you added some I had forgotten about!

    Some things:

    -Steven Legendre actually reinjured himself at US nationals last month. He tore his abdominal muscle and got a hernia on floor after the first day of the championships. He just had surgery last week.

    -Chris Brooks’ injury is recent too. He broke a bone in his hand during podium training at US nationals.

    -Spain’s Nestor Abad tore his ACL in March. He already had surgery and has been recovering but will also miss Worlds.

    -Vladimir Okachev tore his meniscus and ACL just two weeks ago.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware that the US guys were that recent! Here’s hoping there won’t be many more!

  3. Papa Liukin says:

    I had to think about it as well. Chris Brooks is particularly injury prone. I have a tough time keeping track of his slips because they’re so frequent. When USAG reported that Brooks had withdrawn before the start of the competition, I was like, “well what the hell did he break this time?”

  4. Sophie says:

    Oh no! Chris and Matt injured leaves a pretty big dent in the Irish World’s team. Not to mention the fact the Matt was the only one on the nominative entry who trains in Ireland.

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