Louis Smith talks 2012 with the media


It seems like reporters were doing the rounds with Louis Smith while he was doing a photo shoot for the BMW London 2012 Performance Team earlier this month.

Louis Smith is featured on More Than The Games. He has said that he is looking no further than the World Championships in Tokyo this year, as such not counting his chickens before they hatch.

“There is always going to be big expectation and pressure of performing in London but ultimately as soon as my hands touch the pommel horse, I won’t be thinking about media or anything,” added Smith.

“I am trying to fulfil my dream. With my talent and a routine that I am happy with, then I am going to be pushing for a gold medal.

“Everywhere I go people are constantly asking, ‘2012 – are you going to win gold?’ and then I just cannot help thinking about it. I have routines planned that I want to do but in terms of thinking of it as a target, it is too soon.”

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The Liverpool Echo reports that Beth Tweddle is British Gymnastics inspiration to push for medals in 2012. According to the Echo, despite being the second oldest competitor in gymnastics at the moment, Louis Smith thinks that Beth is the “best in the business”.

“I’ve always looked up to Beth – especially doing what she is doing at her age for a female gymnast in Great Britain is a tremendous result and I think she will be admired in gymnastics for a very long time.

“I remember her when I was probably 13 or 14 and she was the young one in the British team and she’s still around winning world titles now.

“She’s not just hanging around; she is winning world titles, so it just goes to show how much of a soldier she is.

“It is going to be a real boost having not just her but also Daniel Purvis, who got bronze in the World Championships, at London 2012.

“At London 2012, Beth Tweddle will lead a fantastic team and with everyone in it we definitely want to push for a medal and get some awesome results in the team event because we can do it.”

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Louis says that Daniel Keatings is back and in fighting form after time off for injury and is is certain to be back fitter and stronger at London 2012.

“Despite his injury, he’s been training all the time, he’s kept his fitness and he’s been working new skills and working around his knee. He’s started doing landings now and tumbling again now.

“It shouldn’t be too long until he’s back in competition though and we’re really looking forward to having him back in the British team – he’s outstanding.

“It is very rare that we have had everyone at the same time physically fit and we plan and we hope that will come together at 2012.

“With everyone at the top of their game and everyone fit and fighting we know then we will be in a position to do something pretty amazing and Dan is more than capable of contributing to that.”

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