London 2012: Women’s Team Final Start Lists


At 4.30pm today the Women’s Team Final competition will get underway in the North Greenwich Arena.3 up, 3 scores count in this competition so gymnasts have been chosen very carefully.  Check here for television coverage in the UK and Ireland.

Rotation 1

  • VT – USA, RUS
  • UB – CHN, ROU
  • BB  -GBR, JPN
  • FX – ITA, CAN

Rotation 2

  • VT – CAN, ITA
  • UB – RUS, USA
  • BB – ROU, CHN
  • FX – JPN, GBR

Rotation 3

  • VT -GBR, JPN
  • UB -ITA, CAN
  • BB -USA, RUS
  • FX – CHN, ROU

Rotation 4

  • VT -ROU, CHN
  • UB – JPN, GBR
  • BB -CAN, ITA
  • FX – RUS, USA



  • VAULT: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney
  • UNEVEN BARS: Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, Gabby Douglas
  • BALANCE BEAM: Kyla Ross, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman


  • VAULT: Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, Maria Paseka
  • UNEVEN BARS: Anastasia Grishina, Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova
  • BALANCE BEAM: Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, Ksenia Afanasyeva
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Aliya Mustafina, Anastasia Grishina, Ksenia Afanasyeva


  • VAULT: Deng Linlin, Huang Qiushuang, Yao Jinnan
  • UNEVEN BARS: Huang Qiushuang, He Kexin, Yao Jinnan
  • BALANCE BEAM: Deng Linlin, Sui Lu, Huang Qiushuang
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Deng Linlin, Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu


  • VAULT: Larisa Iordache, Catalina Ponor, Sandra Izbasa
  • UNEVEN BARS: Diana Bulimar, Diana Chelaru, Larisa Iordache
  • BALANCE BEAM: Diana Bulimar, Larisa Iordache, Catalina Ponor
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Diana Bulimar, Catalina Ponor, Sandra Izbasa


  • VAULT: Koko Tsurumi, Rie Tanaka, Asuka Teramoto
  • UNEVEN BARS: Asuka Teramoto, Rie Tanaka, Koko Tsurumi
  • BALANCE BEAM: Yuko Shintake, Yu Minobe, Asuka Teramoto
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Yuko Shintake, Rie Tanaka, Asuka Teramoto


  • VAULT: Carlotta Ferlito, Vanessa Ferrari, Erika Fasana
  • UNEVEN BARS: Erika Fasana, Vanessa Ferrari, Giorgia Campana
  • BALANCE BEAM: Elisabetta Preziosa, Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Carlotta Ferlito, Vanessa Ferrari, Erika Fasana


  • VAULT: Imogen Cairns, Jennifer Pinches, Rebecca Tunney
  • UNEVEN BARS: Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Tunney, Beth Tweddle
  • BALANCE BEAM: Imogen Cairns, Jennifer Pinches, Hannah Whelan
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Jennifer Pinches, Hannah Whelan, Beth Tweddle


  • VAULT: Dominique Pegg, Brittany Rogers, Ellie Black
  • UNEVEN BARS: Victoria Moors, Kristina Vaculik, Brittany Rogers
  • BALANCE BEAM: Ellie Black, Dominique Pegg, Kristina Vaculik
  • FLOOR EXERCISE: Ellie Black, Dominique Pegg, Victoria Moors

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