London 2012: Women’s Qualification Start List


The start list has been uploaded for the Women’s qualification competition. Here’s what we have learned:


  • VT: Franco, dos Santos, Leal, Hypolito
  • UB: Dos Santos, Franco, Leal, Hypolito
  • BB: Franco, Leal, Hypolito, de Freitas
  • FX: Franco, Leal, dos Santos, Hypolito

Great Britain

  • VT: Pinches, Whelan, Cairns, Tunney
  • UB: Pinches, Whelan, Tunney, Tweddle
  • BB: Cairns, Pinches, Whelan, Tunney
  • FX: Pinches, Tunney, Whelan, Tweddle


  • VT: He, Deng, Huang, Yao
  • UB: Huang, He, Yao, Den
  • BB: Deng, Sui, Huang, Yao
  • FX: Deng, Sui, Huang, Yao


  • VT: Vaculik, Moors, Rogers, Black
  • UB: Moors, Pegg, Vaculik, Rogers
  • BB: Black, Pegg, Moors, Vaculik
  • FX: Black, Vaculik, Pegg, Moors


  • VT: Jarosch, Berger, Chusovitina, Seitz
  • UB: Jarosch, Bui, Seitz, Berger
  • BB: Jarosch, Bui, Chuso, Seitz
  • FX: Berger, Bui, Jarosch, Seitz


  • VT: Serseri, Malaussena, Kuhm, Dofournet
  • UB: Boumejmajen, Kuhm, Malaussena, Dofournet
  • BB: Malaussena, Boumejmajen, Kuhm, Doufournet
  • FX: Malaussena, Boumejmajen, Kuhm, Serseri


  • VT: Bonora, Brennan, Mitchell, Little
  • UB: Little, Bonora, Brennan, Miller
  • BB: Little, Bonora, Brennan, Mitchell
  • FX: Little, Miller, Brennan, Mitchell


  • VT: Raisman, Douglas, Wieber, Maroney
  • UB Raisman, Wieber, Ross, Douglas
  • BB: Ross, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman
  • FX: Ross, Douglas, Wieber, Raisman


  • VT: Grishina, Komova, Mustafina, Paseka
  • UB: Grishina, Komova, Mustafina, Paseka
  • BB: Mustafina, Grishina, Komova, Afanseyva
  • FX: Mustafina, Komova, Grishina, Afanseyva


  • VT: Chelaru, Ponor, Izbasa, Iordache
  • UB: Bulimar, Chelaru, Iordache, Izbasa
  • BB: Bulimar, Izbasa, Iordache, Ponor
  • FX: Chelaru, Ponor, Izbasa, Iordache


  • VT: Shintake, Tsurumi, Tanaka, Teramoto
  • UB: Teramoto, Tanaka, Tsurumi, Minobe
  • BB: Shintake, Tanaka, Minobe, Teramoto
  • FX: Shintake, Minobe, Tanaka, Teramoto


  • VT: Preziosa, Ferrari, Ferlito, Fasana
  • UB: Ferlito, Fasana, Ferarri, Campana
  • BB: Fasana, Ferrari, Preziosa, Ferlito
  • FX: Preziosa, Ferrari, Ferlito, Fasana



  • Douglas, Wieber and Raisman will compete AA for the USA
  • Only Iordache and Izbasa will compete AA for Romania – no Chelaru
  • Koko Tsurumi is not doing AA which might surprise some fans
  • Lauren Mitchell will not compete AA
  • Mixed groups are not included in the above breakdown


  1. Christian says:

    He Kixin trains vault? Huh, didn’t know that.

  2. aaronellis says:

    Shocker Jordyn Wieber did not make the all around she was beat out by Raisman (01), Douglas (02), Wieber was 3rd

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