Little Links 19/1/10

As coaches and gymnasts we all know how important a move the basic handstand is in our sport. I really enjoyed this article by Troy on Handstands. I strongly suggest that you take the time and read it. I’m really enjoying the in depth posts from Troy and Chris – you guys are helping me learn new things and refresh my memory from college 🙂

Rick posted a link to this fantastic book Building The Gymnastic Body. I had a quick glance over the contents and bought it immediately. Including shipping it cost $79 (€55 / £48), I’m hoping it will turn out to be an invaluable source of information for myself and the gymnasts I coach.

Our club recently purchased some new equipment and I see that Gymnova UK have updated their website, looking lovely, a much better layout than the previous website.

Over the last few months, many people have been doubting Nastia Liukins return to gymnastics next season. I have definitely noticed how Nastia is concentrating mainly on her business projects since taking this year off. It would be a great pity if she didn’t return to the sport as I know a lot of my gymnasts look up to her. Up until a few months ago, I followed both Nastia and Shawn Johnson on Twitter but soon began to feel somewhat irritated with their updates. I suppose I wanted it to be more gymnastics related but with Shawn on Dancing With The Stars and Nastia concentrating on her business schedule I felt a little bored of seeing their updates about taking a flight to X, Y and Z etc.  Here’s a few links from Gymnastics Coaching , Full In Full Out and Gymtruthteller’s Blog to get an idea as to how people are feeling – especially check out the comments on each blog post.


  1. Just Another Opinion says:

    Just a correction, the article was by Troy. Two coaches write that blog.

  2. Just Another Opinion says:

    Sorry, I should have read the next sentence, you already knew that.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes, the handstand article was written by Troy. Please make the correction.

  4. Admin says:

    Apologies for the incorrect credit. Fixed.

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