Lauren Mitchell the “tortoise”

Lauren Mitchell Commonwealth Games Australia

Peggy Liddick describes Lauren Mitchell  as a tortoise – meaning she may not be the best all-around gymnast in the world yet, but she has a habit of getting there in the end. This is according to an interview with The Australian.

In the interview Liddick explains how Lauren has become Australia’s greatest gymnast. She says that Lauren works harder than anyone else:

“I keep very strict training diaries and she does almost twice as much work as anyone else. She never complains about being tired. Sometimes we have to pull her back, but she won’t leave the gym until she gets her work done.”

The interview takes us through the last few years with Lauren, from her silver medals at Worlds in 2009 right up to overcoming injury to her success at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships this year and looking towards London 2012.

Peggy also discusses Lauren’s triple Wolf Turn (newly entered into the Code Of Points), which she thinks she may be able to compete with four turns for London 2012.

“You have to have quads of steel,” Liddick says. “She’s not good at pirouettes in the traditional way, like a ballerina.”So it was a matter of finding a turn that Lauren could do without falling over.

“She’s the only one who can do a double on the floor, let alone a triple. The friction of the carpet makes that so difficult. You need amazing quads and core stability, but she’s naturally strong in the legs.”

Next up for Lauren is the Toyota Cup where she will meet World Champion Mustafina for the first time since the World Championships.

Read more from The Australian.

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