Lauren Mitchell & Ariella Kaeslin withdraw from Glasgow

Germany's Seitz grimaces as she competes on the uneven bar at the qualifying round of the Gymnastics World Championships at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam

The final list of competitors for the Glasgow World Cup was released today. I’m disappointed to say that Lauren Mitchell and Ariella Kaeslin have followed Qiushuang and withdrawn from the competition this weekend. I haven’t heard that Mitchell or Kaeslin are injured, I suspect Kaeslin is exhausted after the Euros though. Jiang Yuyuan has also withdrawn, perhaps too close to the Chinese Nationals competition in a few weeks. Very disappointing.

What a pity, I was looking forward to seeing all 3 gymnasts so much. View the new revised line up below:

MAG Competitors

1. Phillip Boy (GER)
2. Jonathan Horton (USA
3. Alexander Shatilov (ISR)
4. Cyril Tomassone (FRA)
5. Daniel Purvis (GBR)
6, Sam Hunter (GBR)
7. Mykola Kuksenkov (UKR)
8. Rafael Martinez (ESP)
Wild Card: Daniel Keatings (GBR)

WAG Competitors:

1. Raluca Oana Haidu (ROM)
2. Jessica Lopez (VEN)
3. Elizabeth Seitz (GER)
4. Elena Amelia Racea (ROM)
5. Jenny Pinches (GBR)
6. Hannah Whelen (GBR)
7. Guilia Steingruber (SUI)
8. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)



  1. melanie says:

    That’s going to be quite the men’s competition! I wish they’d broadcast it in North America.

    Too bad about Mitchell, Kaeslin, and Qiushuang, though. Why is it that the women’s fields in these world cups seem to suffer more attrition than the men’s fields?

  2. Admin says:

    Yes I think the Men’s competition will be fabulous to watch – can’t wait!

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