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Last week International Gymnast posted an update that Viktoria Komova is to head to Germany this Sunday to consult with Doctors in Germany regarding her ankle injury. This is the same clinic that Aliya Mustafina attended for her knee surgery in mid April.

An update on the Viktoria Komova website tells us that her ankle injury, sustained in December has not healed properly. Many will wonder how the injury could not have healed by now, 5 months on, considering it was only a fracture. Unfortunately the ankle is such a complex part of the anatomy.   An ankle fracture can range from a simple break in one bone, which may not stop you from walking, to several fractures, which forces the structures out of place and may require that no weight is put on the joint for up to three months. Depending on where the ankle fracture and how badly, really decides the recovery time. It takes at least six weeks for the bones to heal but it may take longer for the involved ligaments and tendons to heal. Most people can return to normal daily activities within 3 – 4 months but for athletes it can take much longer.

It seems that Viktoria Komova is one of those unfortunate people who is taking a longer time to heal. Webmaster Alan Owen says in the update:

The ankle injury hasn’t been healing as fast as everyone hoped, so the specialists will evaluate her condition to determine if surgery will be required. The doctors in Russia have noticed that there are issues with the joint and are concerned that her ankle is not healing correctly. If this is the case, a lateral ankle stabilization procedure would be required. This would involve tightening, repairing or replace the ligaments on the affected part of her ankle.

International Gymnast Magazine recently quoted a specialist saying that at this point, surgery would usually be recommended. Vika’s family is hoping that surgery won’t be needed, but understands the likelyhood. If she does undergo surgery, Vika could return to tumbling in about 3 months.

Best of luck to Komova with her recovery. I know that we would all like to see her back for Worlds in October but as coach Rodienko has said, it is unlikely.

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