Komova has ankle surgery


Viktoria Komova recently traveled to Germany for a consult on her injured ankle. Her official facebook page reports that she underwent surgery. The same information is also available on her official website. Alan Owen webmaster reports:


Today, Vika underwent Arthoscopy surgery to treat the damaged interior of her joint. The surgery was a success! She will remain in Germany until May 30 while the doctors evaluate her recovery. More details to come shortly!


Athroscopy surgery on the ankle is more commonly known as keyhole surgery. Only very small incisions are made to gain sufficient entry into the small ankle joint to operate, this helps to keep soft tissue damage to a minimum. Only a small fibreoptic camera and small surgical tools are used in the surgery. Often, for some people athroscopic surgery can mean speedier recovery and less scarring. Depending on how it went, Viktoria may be allowed to bear her weight on crutches but she could also be in an immobiliser for up to 6 weeks – it really depends on what repair work was performed during the surgery and how bad her ankle was. We’ll wait to hear for the official update.

Best of luck to Viktoria with her recovery from surgery.

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