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There has been a lot of talk in relation to the injury that Jordyn Wieber has been said to be carrying which hindered her performance at the London 2012 Olympic Floor finals last week. When interviewed Coach John Geddert mentioned a possible and not  yet diagnosed stress fracture to her leg.

Rita Wieber, Jordyn’s mother has been blogging throughout the Olympic experience in London and shares some insight into Jordyns injury which will be determined on Friday:

So when, just after Olympic Trials, Jordyn came home from practice and asked for a plastic bin and a 10 pound bag of Ice- I didn’t overreact too much.  Jordyn needed to ice a bruised heel.  She has had heel bruises in the past.  And, although very painful, typically heal in a few days.  I was proud she was being compliant and proactive.

Then she left for Houston….and on to London.  I never heard more about her heel although looking back, I remember wondering why, in most of the pictures Jordyn posted from camp and London, she was in an ice bath. I figured it must just be the “Olympian” thing to do– bathe in ice.

It wasn’t until a week after the qualifier meet that Jordyn texted me in London and said she might have a stress fracture…  While she did preface that by saying “don’t freak out”…. I was surprised that she was even admitting it.  I knew it must be bad if she was admitting to being in horrible pain at practice.  She told me it didn’t hurt when she competed, only in practice…. so she was going to do floor finals.  I knew it would take an army to keep her from competing– so at that point, I was proud at her tenacity and was just praying that she didn’t injure her leg even more.

It wasn’t until yesterday, when I had a conversation with USA Gymnastics Head Physician, Dr. Larry Nassar, that I realized just what Jordyn had been through the past month.  He said he was so impressed with how Jordyn handled herself the whole time, knowing that she was going to compete at the Olympic Games and not be 100% healthy.  She still gave it her all despite not being able to practice at full strength and having pain through it all.  I was so proud to hear what she endured.

Yes, we are all physically breakable.  But I learned this week that Jordyn’s spirit is unbreakable.  Yes, there was an untimely injury after all– but I can’t help but think— what if this injury would have manifested itself a month earlier???  She would never have had the chance to fulfill her Olympic Dream!

That’s what keeps my faith unbreakable and forever thankful of the blessings we are all given.

(Jordyn is now in her boot.  She has a big lump on her leg at the site of the suspected stress fracture (which stemmed from the heel injury- according to Dr. Larry).  She does have a lot of pain so is taking medication and resting her leg as much as possible.  She will have an x-ray Friday to confirm the fracture.  Dr. Larry thinks it will take about 6 weeks to heal.  By the way– this is the FIRST time Jordyn has ever needed a boot in her entire gymnastics career!!)

Thank you Rita for sharing this with the gymnastics community, many of whom have been worried about Jordyn. Best of luck to her, let’s hope that it is nothing too serious and that she has a successful recovery.

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  1. rajn says:

    I hope she gets better soon hope to see her in 2016.

  2. janetlover says:

    It’s so sad to hear this, I thought something was wrong wit her before this news broke. I noticed she was wearing an ankle brace in team finals and she didn’t seem like the Jordyn Wieber I’m used to seeing on television during team qualifications. A lot of things she was solid on looked off beam, vault and floor. I hope she recovers from this injury and continues to compete and looks towards the 2016 games. If Svetlana Khorkina can do it so can Jordyn. Best of luck and PLEASE stick with it Jordyn. I think she can win gold @ the olympics it just wasn’t these games.

  3. aaronellis says:

    Come on Jordyn keep it pushin, you need to redeem yourself and take back what’s yours! All Around title 2016 Olympics!

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