Izbasa & Koczi top the list


Sandra Izbasa and Flavious Koczi have been named as the best Artistic Romanian gymnasts by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. The Federation has put both Izbasa and Koczi at the top of the list for 2011.

Top 10 WAG gymnasts 2011:

  1. Sandra Izbasa
  2. Diana Chelaru
  3. Amelia Racea
  4. Catalina Ponor
  5. Ana Porgras
  6. Larissa Iordache
  7. Raluca Haidu
  8. Diana Bulimar
  9. Daniela Andrei
  10. Diana Trenca

Top 10 MAG gymnasts 2011:

  1. Flavius Koczi
  2. Marius Berbecar
  3. Cristian Bataga
  4. Marian Dragulescu
  5. Vlad Cotuna
  6. Ovidiu Buidoso
  7. Andrei Ursache
  8. Andrei Muntean
  9. Daniel Radean
  10. Andrei Groza

Do you agree with the Federations choice?  It hasn’t been Ana Porgras’ year, so she was never going to top the poll. Injuries aside, Izbasa, the 2008 Olympic Floor Champion has had a good year winning two golds at Europeans in Berlin, unfortunately she didn’t compete at Worlds. If you had to decide the top 10 Romanian Gymnasts – who would you choose? Leave a comment below and let’s start a discussion.


  1. Ana won the Longines Prize for Elegance at the 2011 Worlds. Sandra is a wonderful gymnast, but no Romanian, actually not too many international gymnasts right now, can top Ana’s elegance (just my opinion of course, haha).

  2. Admin says:

    Oh definitely Ana is beautifully elegant!

  3. Ashley says:

    I agree with making Izbasa number 1. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t compete at Worlds. I feel like Ponor should be higher but maybe it’s because she didn’t make an impact on the team at the 2010 Worlds or at 2011 Europeans. I’m also not familiar with Diana Trenca and was wondering where Gabriela Dragoi was considering people thought she was in contention for a 2011 Worlds’ team spot.

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