Irish National Championships 2014 (ART)


April 5th and 6th with see the Arena in the University of Limerick play host to the Irish National MAG and WAG FIG Championships. Gymnastics Ireland has shaken things up a little for the FIG gymnasts who will compete in the All Around competition on Saturday, the top 8 on each apparatus will then qualify to the Event Finals on Sunday. In the past, the WAG AA and IA have been 2 seperate competitions, spread out with months in between. It was announced on Friday March 28th that the WAG competitors must achieve base scores from the All Around competition in order to qualify for the Apparatus Finals on Sunday; Vault 12.000, Bars 7.000, Beam 10.500 and Floor 10.5000.

The competition will also act as a qualifying competition for the European Championships, the first trial took place 3 weeks ago.  Some of Ireland’s top gymnasts; Kieran Behan, Luke Carson, Andrew Smith and Chris O’Connor have all confirmed their attendance to Full Twist. The Irish MAG are continualy upgrading and developing, so it will be interesting to see the developments to date. Equally WAG are showing signs of strong improvement, especially the up and coming Juniors. The FIG competition will also incorporate the final trial to determine the Celtic Cup teams, 2 trials have already taken place, with the teams due to be announced in the coming weeks ahead of the competition in April.

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of gymnasts from across Ireland, from the grass roots, known as the “Levels” to FIG standard will compete. The Levels have already had their AA National Finals, so will be competing for National Apparatus and Teams titles, similarly Level 1 is held as a seperate competition and has already taken place. See the full timetable below.

Saturday 5th April

Session 1

8.45am – 11.45am

  • WAG Level 4 U11 and Level 5 U11, U13 and O13.
  • MAG Minor & Junior B

Session 2

11.45am – 5.20pm

  • WAG – FIG (Minor, Junior, Senior) , Celtic Cup Trialists, Level 2 U9, U11 and O11
  • MAG – FIG (Junior, Minor, Senior)

 Session 3

5.45pm – 9.20pm

  • WAG –  Level 6 U13 & O 13, Level 7 U13 & O13, Level 8 U13 & O13, Level 9 U13
  • MAG – Int 3 & 4, Int 5, Dev L5 U12 & O12

Sunday April 6th

Session 4

8.30am – 1pm

  • WAG –  Level 3 U9, U11 and O11, Level 9 O13, FIG (Minor, Junior, Senior)
  • MAG –  FIG (Junior & Senior)

Session 5

1.30pm – 5.45pm

  • WAG – Level 4 U9 & O11, Plus Levels (All)
  • MAG – Int 1 & Int 2

Image via Gymnastics Ireland.

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  1. xexeo says:

    Excursus DOHA
    Floor – The dynamic duo Romanian repeating the double premiere last year – who will get the gold? Bulimar will be bi or Iordache winning his first medal? Two zebras – Onyshko Isabelle and Charlotte Sullivan – Dorina Boczogo (which could end FOUR!), Sasa Golob and Valeria Grisane – alongside the veterans.
    Bars – Again Boczogo along with veteran Tunde Csillag missing side of the double veteran Krystina Palesova and Jana Sikulova to – which tend to do well on this unit. The only Swiss in the final – Laura Schultze repeating karma Swiss team now without Giulia Steingruber – and zebras Olivia Vivian, Anastasiya Yekimenka, Ashly Wei-Ning Lau.
    Vault – Duel between Dorina and Boczogo Teja Belak, since the favorite Giulia Steingruber not compete. Tjasa Kesselef, Grisane, Larissa Iordache, Hiu Ying Angel Wong, Hong Kong, Do Thi Van Ahn close the start list.
    Beam – Again the dual dynamics appears in Romanian stronghold par excellence. Lau, Phan Thi Thanh There – that was a surprise last year taking gold in jump – Boczogo, Palesova and Zebras Mary Anne Monckton, Zhanerke Duisek

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