He Kexin: Olympic Uneven Bars Gold?


He Kexin returns to the Olympic Games this year following her gold medal performance in Beijing in 2008. He Kexin tied with USA’s Nastia Liukin for gold but tie breaking rules allowed Kexin to wear the gold medal, with Liukin taking the silver. At the 2011 World Championships , the reigning Olympic Champion failed to qualify for the Uneven Bar final, finishing a disastrous  80th of 191 gymnasts on Uneven Bars in qualification. In Tokyo she performed a bar routine with a D score of 6.7 and E score of 6.033.

With Gabrielle Douglas on the scene scoring mid to high 15’s on bars, Viktoria Komova and Beth Tweddle with a 7.0 start value, does He Kexin have what it takes to earn a place on the Olympic Uneven Bars podium in London?

This video from the 2012 Chinese Nationals certainly makes it look so, scoring a 15.650. Leave a comment with your thoughts below. 


  1. Is says:

    We don’t even know if she’s going to be on the team yet! The last report says all the Olympic squad is training in Northern Ireland (If I recall correctly), and that the 5th spot will be decided only july’s 21th.

  2. Admin says:

    we can still wonder and discuss who could be the Olympic Bar Champion. all country line ups are subject to change at this stage too.

  3. Skyler says:

    1st: Aliya / Vik
    2nd: Beth
    3rd: He / Yao Jinnan

  4. Brit fan says:

    Beth’s a score with all connections is 7.1 and she’s got the double double dismount which she can add in as well

  5. Rien says:

    Even though I think the Russians and Tweddle hopefully will medal, im excited to see Elisabeth Seitz’s routine. Full twisting Maloney and a Def? So neat and unique. I think her D score is 6.7 so she could easily medal if she hits.

  6. aaron ellis says:

    Was it ever she wasn’t going to score high? The question is will she stay on the bars? He has scored well pin the event when she stays on, every time she has medaled is because she’s fallen off.
    Beth (gold) Beth has home field advantage, if she make the final the gold is hers.
    Victoria & Aliya (silver) if one messes up then Gabby or He step in. if they both hit one will take silver one will take the bronze.
    Gabby or He (Bronze)

  7. Becky says:

    I think the main concern for He Kexin is qualifying to the bar final, she seems to succumb to the pressure as do her team mates.

  8. Rien says:

    Tweddle has never scored as high as Musty, Komova or He. and though her difficulty is a teeny bit higher, her routines can be rather sloppy. I see her with a bronze maybe silver. Shes not gonna win just because shes from England. Douglas has a good chance if she nails it.

  9. Katie says:

    1. Komova
    2. Tweddle
    3. Mustafina

    I honestly don’t see He medaling, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yao Jinnan and Huang Quishang qualify ahead of her to the UB final, she’s just far too inconsistent. Also Douglas and Ross could sneak in if one of the top three messes up but I doubt it. He is not where she was 4 years ago when she was 16(14?) she is past her peak and is slowly declining.

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