As previously mentioned, Shannon Miller is endorsing the new Gymnastics Social Network Gymnast Spotlight.  I’m interested to see how this takes off.

The about page on the website describes it as:

Welcome to where YOU can Spotlight your Dreams!

As parents of an Optional Gymnast we have found that there are so many different aspects involved in gymnastics.  In fact, it can be overwhelming at times.  How nice it would have been to have an outlet to discuss things like nutrition, facilities, coaching, skills, college recruiting, and all areas that are important in the gymnastics world. enables all gymnasts, regardless of age, ability or level to showcase themselves in their own way.  Gymnasts are able to link with friends from their own gym, other gyms or camps they have attended. Obtaining the correct information is crucial to gymnasts and their success!  Gymnasts are able to ask questions, get tips and be encouraged by their peers as they achieve their goals.

I tried to sign up but it seems to be more targeted to USA citizens, asking about what levels you coach, what state and club. I wasn’t bothered trying to make up that I worked in such a club in such a state just to see what it was like. In this sense, it makes me think that it is a little more secure than FlipBook, something that myself and Rick from Gymnastics Coaching discussed before. FlipBook is a great idea, but on stronger, more secure platform like Facebook it’d be brilliant.

The website header looks great but to me the rest could do with a bit of work. The ads make it look cheap. The header looks so classy but I think that the ads and random pictures ruin it.  I really don’t like the fact that you can click on the members header and see all of the members, they are just user names but I’m sure with pictures you can easily tell who is who. In this day and age with child protection and internet privacy being so huge, I don’t like it. There’s about 140 members so far and I really don’t know if it will take off. I thought that FlipBook would take off but sadly it hasn’t.

Have you used GymnastSpotlight? What are your thoughts and views on it?

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