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In the past Full Twist has posted about the gymnastics social networks FlipBook and Gymnast Spotlight (endorsed by Shannon Miller). The new kid on the block is GymnastFix -“a free social networking site for gymnasts in the U.K”.

Like FlipBook, it is run on the Ning platform,which I feel has a lot of privacy issues. I still think that it’s great for people to try to create these communities but with so many kids involved in gymnastics, I would rather see it much safer. I’m currently waiting for my account to be approved.

GymnastFix has 13 members so far, Flipbook doesn’t seem to have taken off – good luck to Stacie on her venture!

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  1. Ona says:

    Hello~ I am a gymnast mom that is currently on My daughter has been on it since September. We love the site. My daughter has met gymnast from all over the country. The Chalk Talk is great because the gymnast talk to each other about different things. Most recently my daughter was talking to others about things to do about rips. I was just on last week and there was pages and pages of members. I would say there has to be over 400 by now. I know my daughter has a lot of friends on there. As far as the child security. They can use nicknames, whatever they choose and it states on the site that colleges and coaches are checked out before they are allowed to be on the site. I think it is a great place for gymnast to post everything. We have been very happy with it so far! It is completely free to post pictures, videos, etc. I just love the fact that you can go on and see gymnasts and thats it. My daughter has a friend that is in rythmic now, she used to do artistic, they talk on the site all the time! I hope this helps! I would highly recommend this site to any gymnast or their parents!

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