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About Gymnastics posted a very large list of gymnasts on Twitter recently. Great Britain’s Jennifer Pinches, Danusia Francis, Becky Downie and Laura Mitchell are all on Twitter as are Louis Smith and Reiss Beckford. There’s nothing hugely interesting or gymnastics related on the girls accounts. Danusia seems to be under going physio at the moment . Louis has just begun using his Twitter account again, posting photos from the BMW London 2012 Performance team shoot.

Louis Smith has a fantastic looking website, like Daniel Keatings, Smith has sponsors – Adidas and Lucozade Sport. Keatings website could definitely do with a re vamp and some better structure. Some of the other GBR gymnasts have websites too, a few of them could do with RSS Feeds!I’m delighted that the designers of Reiss Beckford’s site had the initiative to put in a link to an RSS Feed. You’ll find a lot of these gymnasts on Facebook too, Beth Tweddle updates hers quite regularly and her Twitter Account is linked with it.

Beth Tweddle

Reiss Beckford

Sam Oldham

Danusia Francis

Becky Downie

Hannah Whelan

Becky Wing

If I’ve missed anyone out, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add them into the post. I’ll put the links to the Gymnasts Website with all of the other links to Gymnasts websites on the far right side of the page under the Full Twist Facebook and Twitter pages.

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