Glasgow World Cup: Women’s Competition LIVE


It was a mixed warm up, nothing out of the ordinary, no shockers, just some beautiful work, a few falls here and there. Lopez really impressed me on all apparatus as did Jennifer Pinches bars. It’s 10 minutes to go until competition time and Tweddle is still run off her feet signing autographs and posing for photographs. Kelvin Hall is much busier and louder than it was for the Men’s competition this afternoon, I reckon it will still get busier. Many aspiring little gymnasts running around with Milano bags having bought new leotards and looking for the big stars autographs, many of them have English flags painted on their faces.

Watch live coverage here.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Europe


The gymnasts are being welcomed to the arena and presented to the audience. Jenni Pinches and Hannah Whelan have changed from their short sleeved warm up leos. Haidu is so teeny. Elisabeth Seitz comes onto the floor looking so confident.


Rotation 1 – Vault

Whelan, Pinches, Lopez and Haidu are in the first group to warm up. Vault looks effortless to Lopez. Hannah Whelan is first to compete. She performs a full twisting tsuk, a small step to the side but beautiful all the same. 13.666. Jessica Lopez is up next. Amazing, gorgeous vault, full twisting yurchenko. 13.666. Jennifer Pinches, yurchenko, large step back on landing but tight all the same. 13.500. Haidu, steps out of the corridor markings on the double twist, powerful vault from such a little girl. 14.200. The second group begin to warm up. Seitz over rotates and tumbles backwards on first warm up vault. Seitz is first up to compete from the second half of gymnasts.  A step back on landing but much cleaner than in warm up. Yurchenko double straight twist. 14.400. Romania’s Racea, step back on landing 14.200.Steingruber competes second last, leg out on landing, handspring 1.5 twist. 15.266. She takes the lead from Seitz. Millousi is last to compete.12.866


  1. Steinbruger
  2. Seitz
  3. Haidu


Rotation 2 – Uneven Bars

Lopez falls in warm up, we here a bit of a “oooh” in the crowd, seems to be struggling in her giants. Pinches also appears to be struggling. Racea chalks the bar for her team mates. Seitz flies effortlessly around the bars but falls on her release, encouraging another “oooh” from the crowd. Jessica Lopez is first up on bars. Just beautiful. Her coach is delighted with her work, double high fives her and shouts in celebration on her landing. Tightly squeezed kachev. Smooth transition between the bars. 13.466. Jennifer Pinches is next, she had lovely work during the warm up earlier today. Her GB team mates below me cheer for her. A fall on her first transition from low bar to high bar, a real pity. The crowd cheers for her and claps encouragingly. 11.900. Haidu is next, I didn’t see too much of her bars warm up.  Another fall on a geinger, she was far away from the bar. Full twisting double tuck dismount 12.766 score. Elizabeth Seitz is last to compete in this group . Another fall on the jaeger. Wow, what is going on today? Seemed a little cautious going into the dismount. 12.266. Racea is up. Lovely handstands, nice transitions, very clean routine. Double tuck dismount. 13.700. She moves into first place, Lopez 2nd. Steingruber, a nice bar worker, clean routine, she fought to keep her balance but fell backwards on the landing. 11.833. Millousi, some excellent pirouettes, beautiful double pike dismount. Very clean and fast routine.13.200.  Pinches chalks up for Hannah Whelan. Beth Tweddle shouts for Hannah “come on Han”, she falls. She completes the routine with some side coaching from Tweddle but falls on the dismount. 11.533.


  1. Racea  27.900
  2. Lopez 27.132
  3. Steingruber  27.099


Rotation 3 – Beam

Pinches is up first. Falls on layout. Large step off the mat on landing, 2.5 twisting somersault. Taking a long time to decide on Jenni’s score. 12.200. Haidu – fall on  first somersault. Close to falling on the dismount, chest was very low. Double pike back somi. The poor girl is crying. 12.633. Seitz, looks elegant on beam. Does a near Rebecca Bross in Rotterdam style to save her fall from her standing tuck back. Large step on double pike dismount. Seitz and Pinches chat while we wait for her score. Judges are using video playback.  12.166. Racea stretches herself on the chalk bowl.  Small wobble on the switch leap.Large hop on dismount landing. 13.666. The second group Steingruber, Whelan, Lopez and Millousi warm up. Steingruber, bit of a wobble on the leap mount. Wobble on flip layout. 12.533.  It looks to me as if Racea or Lopez will grab the gold medal. Big wobble from Millousi on the mount. Just about misses a fall forwards on the double pike back, knees very bent on dismount landing. 13.600, moves to 4th place. Hannah Whelan up now. Looking solid. Beth continues to call for her team mate who falls off on her layout. A step on the dismount. 13.033. Jessica Lopez is the final gymnast on beam. She is beautiful to watch, very much under rated. Very solid. Gorgeous, just gorgeous, another double high five and shout out from her coach as she lands her dismount with just a small step out. 13.366.


  1. Racea 41.66
  2. Lopez 40.4898
  3. Steingruber 39.362


Rotation 4 – Floor

Floor begins with Raluca Haidu. Big step from the first pass, steps out of bounds on the second. Crowd clapping along to the music. I’m not overly blown away with the routine but she is nice to watch. 12.833. Seitz, can’t say I’m crazy about the music but at least it’s different. She really performs, she’s smiling at the judges throughout. She walks off smiling, knowing it was a very clean routine. 13.400, always great to see someone enjoying their floor routine. Racea – lucky not to fall on the punch front somersault. Her music gets exciting toward the end, as does the routine, a triple twist. She doesn’t seem too please with her routine. 12.900. Steingruber takes to the floor. I like her, there’s something different about her. Debatable as to whether she stepped out of bounds on first pass, but the flag goes up for the definite step out on the second pass. The same happens again on her final pass, she’s a very powerful tumbler. While we wait for her score, I notice how pretty she is. There was a thread on International Gymnast during the week on good looking gymnasts, I think I’ll add her to my choices. 12.400.  Lopez, Whelan, Pinches and Millousi warm up. Millousi steps onto the floor in her gorgeous bright blue leotard. It shows off her tan and blonde hair beautifully. A few stumbles after the first tumble pass, the whip, whip, double tuck were quite low.I hope Spanny Tampson is watching this, Millousi throws some sexy moves, slightly a la Lauren from Make It Or Break it. Although Millousi actually looks good doing them.12.433.  Hannah Whelan is next. Gorgeous choreography, excellent tumbling. This makes up for her earlier falls, in my books anyway. Interesting choice of music but I love it. Big cheers from the audience as she just about manages to stay in bounds. 13.900, she moves into 4th place. Jessica Lopez chooses dramatic music, amazing tumble passes. Like Seitz, she smiles to the judges. Something not quite right about her final pass. She needs 14.200 to take first place. 13.433. Jennifer Pinches is the last gymnast of the competition today. Lovely choreography. The British girls have had the best music and choreography. Amanda Reddin looks happy, smiling at Jenn as she comes off the floor.13.700

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